Want The Hardest Dream Job Known To Man? Cruz Pedregon Needs A Crew Guy!

Want The Hardest Dream Job Known To Man? Cruz Pedregon Needs A Crew Guy!

(Photo: PedregonRacing.com) – If you have dreamed about running away from home and joining the circus known as professional drag racing, here’s your shot. Cruz Pedregon is looking for a crew member on the Snap-On sponsored Toyota funny car that he owns and operates. We were not lying in the title. This is easily the hardest dream job known to man. The hours, the miles, and madness that does relent for months on end, and then there’s the wrenching as well. Are we trying to talk you out of it? Far from it. We’re just saving Cruz some words when he gives you the speech! HA!

The honest answer is that this is a great position for a motivated guy who has long dreamed about getting into the sport. You WILL be gone for the majority of the year. You WILL learn to function on sleep levels that modern science claims are impossible. You will experience weekends of success and you will suffer through weekends where you question your entire existence. The world of drag racing on this level is as hardcore as it comes and we know that the wash out rate for this stuff is high. If you think you have what it takes to become a part of an NHRA championship contenting team, lead by an NHRA champion himself send you resume to the email address below.  Use the email title, “Hire me for your crew”. If the phone rings and you get hired, tell us. Lohnes will buy you a beer in an exotic location like Brainerd, Minnesota.

Stuff they prefer in a candidate:

Must be willing to relocate to Indy. This is a full time job

You will be the bottom end guy

CDL A licensed applicants preferred

Send resumes to:  [email protected]

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5 thoughts on “Want The Hardest Dream Job Known To Man? Cruz Pedregon Needs A Crew Guy!

  1. steve powell

    I’m the guy he needs, highly motivated former bottom end tech on Afuel dragster also was driver of tractor/trailer transporter for team with valid Cdl.

  2. D. Carrico

    NO. Actually I’M the guy they need (ed). Except they waited SO LONG to put the ad out that I got married, bought a house, had 4 kids and started racing BOATS. For making me wait so long you guys owe me dinner at the Hospitality at Pomona or Vegas. Let me know which….. 😉 I’m a fan!

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