Watch An AMX Super Stocker Rip Off A 300-Foot Wheelie – No Sissy Sticks For This Guy!

Watch An AMX Super Stocker Rip Off A 300-Foot Wheelie – No Sissy Sticks For This Guy!

Gharrett Ghezzi’s AMX super stocker is of the neatest cars I get to see in my announcing travels across the country. The thing is painted up in the factory AMC racing colors with that red/white/blue scheme that looks as awesome now as it did when cars like Pete’s Patriot and others were running it. The car is powered by a 290ci V8 and has an automatic transmission. That was a factory available combo on the AMX and apparently it was a pretty rare one out of the factory but being that this is super stock, we’re not really concerned with factory production numbers. While the car normally leaves the starting line nicely, it typically does not pull the massive bumper stand that it does in this video!

Speaking of this video, it was made at the Auto Meter Northern Class Nationals which are run at National Trail Raceway outside of Columbus, Ohio. The event is based around stock and super stock classes and draws hundreds of racers from around the country who came to compete with their fellow stock and super stock lovers. The legacy and history of super stock will forever live in the lore of drag racing history. It was the class that ultimately spawned pro stock, and to some level funny cars as well. There’s a lot of young people racing super stock these days and if you are a muscle car lover we’re not sure there is anything better than seeing your favorite classic cars doing stuff like this AMX does on a regular basis.

Unlike stock that is limited to a wee nine inch wide slick, super stock cars get to run a big tire and most of the racers make good use of it! While stock eliminator cars will pull the occasional wheelie (especially new COPOs, Cobra Jets, and Drag Packs) the high flyers are largely found in the super stock ranks. Other than the fact that he did not want them there’s nothing keeping Ghezzi from running wheelie bars off the back of the AMX. I actually don’t remember if he had them on the car at Indy, but he didn’t need them here. The AMX flies straight and true!


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5 thoughts on “Watch An AMX Super Stocker Rip Off A 300-Foot Wheelie – No Sissy Sticks For This Guy!

  1. RRyan5429

    The Olds in the other lane is owned by John Stock if I’m not mistaken. Very nice Ciera powered by 265ci baby lt1. This is the engine that was used in the mid 90’s Caprice taxi cabs. John also runs a Shelby Cobra in super stock GT with one of the newer naturally aspirated Cobra Jet engines.

  2. tom benvie

    This isn’t just a one of 53 factory 1969 Hurst Super Stock AMXs, it is the prototype! And still being raced! (So isn’t car #20 and #22). Gotta love that!

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