This 1965 Pro Touring Impala Had Its Day In The Sun – Is It Still A $129,000 Car?

This 1965 Pro Touring Impala Had Its Day In The Sun – Is It Still A $129,000 Car?

So is this a cautionary tale or just another example of the fickle nature of the world of hot rodding? This 1966 pro touring Impala is a good car. It looks well built, it has a modicum of great parts in the drivetrain and suspension, the quality of the paint is awesome, and the work on the interior is show car great. We said all that stuff because it is true. We also say the following because it is true. The car looks dated. At the time this thing was built it was a world class, show quality pro touring ride. It was certainly not a competition pro touring ride but it looks to have been built for the show circuit. Fuel injected 454, RideTech air suspension, and all the business. The boxes are checked.

Cars that are built at this level and capture a moment in time typically do not maintain the mass appeal that they had at the time of their construction. Eventually this thing will be viewed as totally awesome again. Just in the same way that the late second generation Camaros have become cool again and all the other stuff we dislike for a while moves back into the public consciousness. It is a fact of the hot rodding life and this car is kind of a poster child for it.

With a paint change, a wheel change, and a nose job this car would be current again. Ok the taillights would have to be changed as well but who is going to do that on a car that has a $129,000 asking price? Very few people. Yes you are getting solid bones but for $129,000 I don’t think even the most hardcore rich guys are thinking about buying a fixer-upper project.

eBay: This 1965 pro touring Impala had its day in the sun, right? Is that day over?


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21 thoughts on “This 1965 Pro Touring Impala Had Its Day In The Sun – Is It Still A $129,000 Car?

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Well – I for one think that this is the best Chevy I have ever seen! I hate to say this but I wouldn’t change a thing – this car combines old school customising with pro touring technology and indeed could have given birth to a new genre. Pro Custom is born and I hope it takes off as I can’t wait for a Ford that has the marriage of looks and technology.

    As for the price – well I think its justified given the vast amount of work that went into it.


    put it next to Chip Foose’s Imposter with double the price tag and see which one sell first

  3. KCR

    I know a few guys that make money building and selling cool cars and trucks. I mean guys in there own garage or shop. Not Rad rides by Troy or some type like that. Yes they make money building cars ,like this. The people I am speaking of will find a roller .Take it home scrounge up enough parts to get it starting running and stopping,and sell it.I think some one had this car built.Then one of 2 things happened.Either it was sold a year after that for big money. and that guy now 10 years later wants his money back,or. The guy that had it built is under the same thinking. Remember the custom choppers from 2004 .Some of those 40 to 50K bikes today are for sale for 6 to 8 K .The way I see it at car shows is. Some one pays 150K to have a car built.They take it to car shows and win a few awards,and if they don’t get a $30.00 trophy they are pissed big time.Anyway ,the hot rod world is as fickle if not more so than female clothing styles. Sooo,sorry about rambling on so. But a car like this ,like all others like this is only worth what you can get some one to pay. 129K , my opinion .No way it is dated .It is a very cool car,for a chevy. But I would say 25 to 30K at most . high end customs not a good investment. Hemi muscle cars ,now hats a different thing all together. Just my opinion

  4. Paul

    My opinion is they “cleaned it up” too much. They removed too many of the best features of the Impala. The grill, taillights, etc. And the tires are a little too low profile.

  5. Riverratcustoms

    What an ugly POS!!! I never liked that genre and will never stand the test of time. My rat-rod 65 Impala 4 door looks cooler than that thing. What a waste of time and money. I agree with with KCR, right on the money. I build cars and bikes that look cool, not what everybody else is doing currently or to win trophies.

  6. Anthony

    Change the wheels to Cragars or something traditional,stock grill and trim different color or all that dark red and it will look great .

  7. Brendan M

    Back in the 80’s we all thought water beds were cool too…. but most of us came to our senses.

  8. F.R.O.

    Put the stock grilles and tail lights back. Change the wheels out to a forged 5 spoke or maybe even a BBS mesh style wheel. Also remove the foot brake and install a handbrake on the center console next to the shifter.

  9. JD

    This would be awesome if it was still 1995. Update the wheels, put the factory grille back in, drop the front end a few inches and would still be a cool car. Not seeing $129,000 though.

  10. Matt

    If you’re changing the paint, you’re changing the interior as well, along with the matching engine. All the things mentioned would have to be changed; the nose, tail, wheels and of course the paint. That’s 50% of a total rebuild. Dud this car really turn heads when it was a new build, it just looks quirky and odd.

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