This 1971 Mattel Hot Wheels Ad Rules – The Iconic Toys Were As Cool Then As They Are Now

This 1971 Mattel Hot Wheels Ad Rules – The Iconic Toys Were As Cool Then As They Are Now

When it comes to the greatest gearhead toys of all time, we’re not sure that there is any way one could pick another king than Mattel Hot Wheels. There have been literally tens of millions of these things sold, they have been played with by kids all over the world, and people of all ages still collect, covet, trade, and play with them all the time. Heck, my boys still dig them out, set them up for “car shows” or drag races, demolition derbies, you name it. If it happens on wheels in real life, it sure can happen with a Hot Wheels car. This 1971 ad is great because of the 1970s feel and because the kids reel off the names of some of the most famous Hot Wheels models ever. From the Beach Bomb right on down.

Not to sound completely like an old man here but the reality is that when kids have toys like Hot Wheels they stand a far better chance of falling in love with cars than they ever will through a video game experience. You see and hold ad touch a hot wheels, you zip it around the floor, imaging what it would sound like, you wonder how it would look in a different color, you do all the same stuff we do with full size cars but your little kid brain makes it all up.

More hot rodding careers and passions have been born because of Hot Wheels than likely any other root source. This 1971 ad may look old but the awesome thing is that today’s kids love the little cars just as much as those kids did back then.

Press play below to see this cool 1971 Mattel Hot Wheels ad –

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