Wonderfully Weird Wagon: The 1989 Spoilers Plus Aero GT Was A Fun Take On A Ford Taurus Wagon

Wonderfully Weird Wagon: The 1989 Spoilers Plus Aero GT Was A Fun Take On A Ford Taurus Wagon

Isn’t it fun when you get reminded of something that you forgot about or better yet learn something that you never knew was a thing in the first place? That’s the case with this video which shows and profiles the 1989 Spoilers Plus Aero GT which was a tweaked on 1989 Ford Taurus station wagon. As a guy who’s childhood consisted of a lot of time being carted around in the back of a 1986 Ford Taurus station wagon, this one really captured my interest. Spoilers Plus was an OE supplier to the likes of Ford and other companies and that’s why I’m guessing Ford signed off on this concept and actually sold them through the dealer network. That’s the interesting plot twist here. You could actually walk into a Ford store and buy an Aero GT. There don’t seem to be records of how many people did, but we know it wasn’t thousands. Hell, was it even hundreds?!

The car was changed in some interesting ways. Obviously the addition of the ground effects, chin spoiler, and fog lights was the visual cue that something was different. The 15″ BBS wheels and uprated tires gave the wagon another touch of mild customization as well. The engine was the stock 3.8L V6 that made 140hp and while mechanically nothing was changed in the engine and transmission, the suspension was given larger sway bars and firmer shocks. The testers liked those upgrades and the car handles the slalom well.

It’s the interior that got the weirdest/coolest upgrade and it came in the form of the front seats. Check out the behemoth eight way power Recaro jobs that they wedged into this car. They are huge and they look like an old armchair with the side sawed off. Covered in blue velour it’s just awesome to look at because they’re so weird.

This thing was not an SHO but it wasn’t as expensive as an SHO was either. This thing was not a European sport wagon but it was not as expensive as one of those was, either. This was a good package car that we wish we’d gotten the chance to see in person when they were new!

Press play below to see this video on the Spoilers Plus Ford Taurus Aero GT wagon –

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