The BangShift C7 Corvette Dissection: Into The Mortally Wounded LT Engine

The BangShift C7 Corvette Dissection: Into The Mortally Wounded LT Engine




(Words and photos by Dave Matyjasik) – (Editor’s note – Yesterday we started what will be a multi-part series on the dissection and reassembly of a C7 Corvette that was blown up on a chassis dyno after receiving a supercharger and a “custom tune” from a shop that had little experience with the direct injected LT series of engines that power these mighty cars. Yesterday’s story documented what it took to get the engine out of the car and today we get a look-see inside the mill to gander at exactly what happened when the dyno rollers were being spun by the (formerly) boosted engine. Like we did yesterday, all the words and photos you’ll see from here on out come from Dave Matty unless specified by us.)

Onto part #2!

We dropped the motor off at Steve Ashworth Racing Engines in Fuquay, NC and started to help with the inspection and tear down.  These are all the photos.  Most everything looks like LS base on the bottom.  I haven’t torn into a variable cam timing motor so that may be straightforward as well as the DOD setup that’s been in trucks for a while.

corvette C7 disecction 044

Here’s the timing cover with variable cam adjuster and sensors.

corvette C7 disecction 045

Fuel rails and injectors.

corvette C7 disecction 046

Closeup of mechanical fuel pump.

corvette C7 disecction 047

Fuel injectors removed. Covered in aluminum piston powder, more of that below.

corvette C7 disecction 048

The ends of the injector are not supposed to look like that.

corvette C7 disecction 050

Mechanical pump and spring, fairly simple design of course with more electronics.

corvette C7 disecction 051

Under valve covers looks like normal LSx engine.

corvette C7 disecction 052

The real damage is lurking down below these guys…

corvette C7 disecction 053

If you’re putting a cam in this will be a bane of your existence. The pigtail is mounted inside the timing cover and does not come out without taking the oil pan off. The connector is not accessible from inside the cover. You can carefully unclip it from the loom in the cover and there’ll be enough from to turn it out to pull the cam. z51 cars you can remove the pump, there is no pickup. Also you’ll be happy to know the 2 wires appear to be made out of a single strand of hair, and the connector on the pump sensor seems to be made out of glass. Goodluck.

corvette C7 disecction 054

Treat this like you are diffusing a bomb and you should be fine.

corvette C7 disecction 055

Note that the wires are roughly as thick as a single strand of hair. Good times.

corvette C7 disecction 056

With the cover removed here’s what you’re looking at.

corvette C7 disecction 057

Rockers and pushrods gone…next go the head bolts.

corvette C7 disecction 059

The top, front, head bolt is an allen, it is also shorter than all the rest. I’m assuming they made it an allen so you don’t put one that’s too long in the hole and get no tq on the #1 head gasket.

corvette C7 disecction 061

This is why you shouldn’t learn to tune a Direct Injected Motor and a $80k car with a supercharger. OUCH!

corvette C7 disecction 062

Insert comment about “buffing out” here….

corvette C7 disecction 063

Note all the powder at the bottom of the hole. This thing either as a coke habit or something odd stuff started happening when that piece of the #2 piston decided to walk off the job.

corvette C7 disecction 069

So as you saw the #2 is PHHHHUUU…T up. The #4 is powdered as well. The #7 has some deep scoring from trash, or a pinched ring. I’m leaving the forensic diagnostic for the machinist professionals. We will have pics once Steve tears it down.

corvette C7 disecction 071

This went from a combustion chamber to a potato masher when that piston broke apart. Pretty chewed up.

corvette C7 disecction 072

This combustion chamber will need some tig and surface work, it was unhappy. The rest will just need a cleanup.

corvette C7 disecction 073

Check out the piston squirters.

corvette C7 disecction 074


corvette C7 disecction 076

Cross bolted mains = strong like bull.

corvette C7 disecction 078

DOD actuators.

corvette C7 disecction 079

One big ass lifter? Nope, fuel pump pushrod, Given its size, there is serious pressure on this thing.





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9 thoughts on “The BangShift C7 Corvette Dissection: Into The Mortally Wounded LT Engine

  1. TheSilverBuick


    “Treat this like you are diffusing a bomb and you should be fine.”


  2. Bob Fitch

    great story, don’t think I will be touching one of these,will take it to my friend Gary Grimes.

  3. turboted

    eh seen worse a few rounds with the machinist and she will live again
    you got very lucky here it could have very well gone out the bottom

  4. cyclone03

    I see this and cant help but think how Ford screwed up dropping push rods.

    Those LS engines are pretty trick….

  5. Mike Copeland

    Since it is already apart, he might as well bump it to 417ci, add a camshaft, and CNC ported heads.

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