More Corner Burners From LSFest West In Las Vegas. We’ve Got Lots Of Photos Right Here!

More Corner Burners From LSFest West In Las Vegas. We’ve Got Lots Of Photos Right Here!

(Photos by Wes Allison) If you liked all the cool corner carving machines we had up in yesterday’s gallery, then you are going to dig these as well. The coolest thing about LSFest events is the fact that the only thing that matters is it is LS powered. That means the diversity of bodies those LS engines are stuffed into is amazing, and I swear people just keep trying to be more and more creative in finding things nobody would expect to be LS Swapped. And considering that LS Swapping the World is everyone’s goal there, I think it takes something special to really surprise folks. Check all these cool corner burners out!


LSFest is a spectacle people and that was never more apparent than this past weekend in Las Vegas during the 2021 LSFest West event held at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. With thousands of cars, and tens of thousands of spectators, it was an event of epic proportions even during these COVID times. Thanks to a great partnership between Holley’s production team, track staff at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, along with local, county and state health organizations, this event was able to happen. And happen it did. There were cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, buggies, exotics, pre-runners, race trucks, and everything in between on site to celebrate everything you can do with LS power. We’re talking Drag Racing, Autocross, 3S Speed Stop, Donuts, Burnouts, Drifting, Sideshow, Truck Jumps, Dyno pulls, Manufacturers Midway and tons of food and drink. This is an event like none other and has a very different personality than LSFest East in Bowling Green Kentucky. If you have only been to one, you definitely need to get to the other.

Everyone that’s anyone wants to be at LSFest and this weekend was no different. YouTube stars from B is for Build, Cleetus McFarland, Blake Wilkey, and more were on hand to throw down, have fun, and cut loose in Vegas. After having to cancel the 2020 show, despite trying to reschedule, there were fans, racers, and enthusiasts from all over the country clamoring to get to Las Vegas for this year’s event. Because no on site ticket sales were allowed, all entries were pre-entry and everyone had to buy their spectator tickets ahead as well. After a bustling Friday, Saturday morning started with record numbers coming through the gates for an actual sold out crowd. And we’re not talking about the BS sold out claims you get from some promoters, we’re talking actually sold out crowd and it was epic to see.

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