This Original Owner 1987 Firebird Formula 350 Is Begging For An LS Swap To Go With The Retro Vibe

This Original Owner 1987 Firebird Formula 350 Is Begging For An LS Swap To Go With The Retro Vibe

1980’s and early 1990’s GM F-Bodies are cool as hell. They always have been, even when they made no horsepower. They are gaining value and popularity like mad right now and one like this one owner 1987 Firebird Formula 350 is exactly the kind of machine we’d love to see with an LS Swap and a sleeper attitude. We’d maybe polish the paint up, but other than that it would be minor stuff that we addressed before driving the holy crap out this sucker. Did we mention the original owner is the one selling it? Yeah, it has had one owner, is ready to drive anywhere, and is amazingly clean and straight. Because it is a desert car, you’ll have little to no rust but a little sun damage like the cracks in the dash and that faded yellow paint.

Plus it has Rally Tuned suspension. WE LOVE IT! LOL

With a weekend’s worth of attention, a few restoration parts, and some elbow grease this car can be a riot. The only way it would be better is if it was a stick car, but we can change that out later.

Here is all the info from the seller: CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE AD

1987 Pontiac Firebird Formula 350. V-8 350 ci motor with fuel injection (5.7 liter). Performance suspension (rally tuned).

Fun car to drive. Never wrecked. Only 140,000 miles, with all service records and even the original brochure. I am the ORIGINAL owner.

Very restoreable or driveable as is. Just about everything is original. Paint is faded, but original. Driver seat has a small tear on the side and seat. Dash is cracked–cosmetic. Tires have just 1K miles on them. A/C was just recharged and it has a new fuel pump, hoses, and spark plug wires.

I got this car new in high school – just don’t have time for leisure driving.


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9 thoughts on “This Original Owner 1987 Firebird Formula 350 Is Begging For An LS Swap To Go With The Retro Vibe

  1. OKSnake08

    Ugh! LS EVERYTHING – stop the madness! You have an injected small block go thru it upgrade pistons , rods,cam and valevtrain or put on better heads. Put in a converter and shift kit add some gears get it on a chassis dyno with a good tuner and then just drive it! Don’t have money for all that ? Then upgrade over time WHILE YOU DRIVE IT. Not enough? Spray it with a progressive controller. If money is any issue and you can’t make a 350 fuelie F body a quick , fun to drive car then go buy a Prious. I’m a Ford guy who always had to look a little harder and spend a little more because SBC had everything anywhere all the time. Now we have to remove the cheap reliable build by the numbers or buy a complete kit motor because it’s not an LS? That’s nuts. Besides “sleeper vibe” ? How about saying “Nah it’s just an old Gen 1 small block “ right before showing them taillights…….

  2. arrowhead

    3rd gen F-bodies with 350’s are somewhat rare & can be made fast (it was the basis for the SLP Firehawks). IMO just clean her up with some mild mods to wake up the 5.7. You want LS – go find a decent condition 305 car

  3. HotRodPop

    LS-Lame Stuff! Where’s all the graybeards that knew their sh#t about the greatest engine ever made? Hop that SB and school the Young guns!

  4. jerry z

    I would definitely eliminate the TPI set up. Add some good cam/heads and an aftermarket FI system would be the way to go fast without reinventing the wheel.

  5. Dan

    My vote is also against the LS swap. And I drive an LS and love it! But this car needs some love, not an engine swap.

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