LS Corvair Project: It’s Getting Better And Better! All New Front Suspension Going In Now!

LS Corvair Project: It’s Getting Better And Better! All New Front Suspension Going In Now!

This project continues to impress and inspire and we love it! Check out all the cool stuff going down in this episode of the build, because this car just keeps getting more trick. The rear suspension is in, the engine is in, the radiator is in, and a lot of the 8 jillion other things needed are in, but what about the front? You can’t leave the stock crap suspension out front after doing so much out back! In this episode it is all about the front suspension getting a completely new setup. Double A-Arm front suspension that is going to make this thing handle like a real car! Watch.

John Reynolds is a bad ass. This is a cool project with a lot of great thought and fab work going into it and you are going to want to check it out. It’s awesome to watch and we can’t wait to see this thing hauling ass!

While I’ve heard of a few drivetrain swaps that practically bolt into other makes and models, that is not going to be the case when you are trying to put an LS4 into the back of a Corvair. These engines were in a front-wheel-drive application, with struts and steering and all kinds of other stuff that just wouldn’t be right in the rear of the Corvair. But the project is really starting to take shape and I know this one is going to be a hell of a cool ride when it’s all done.

V8 Corvairs are cool, and I’ve seen several built over the years. Some are front-engine, some “mid” engine, but everyone I’ve ever seen has had the engine running in the right direction. This one here however is going a totally different route. And by different I mean transverse mounting the LS. It’s an LS4, which came in front-wheel drive V8 Impalas, and other than a few minor things it is just like all the other LS engines you know and love.


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