Project AllegRo – Jonnys K20 VTEC Sleeper Build Just Might Be Something Special

Project AllegRo – Jonnys K20 VTEC Sleeper Build Just Might Be Something Special

We love project vehicles around here and are always looking for new ones that really stretch the imagination, have awesome creativity, are done at a whole other level of fabrication, or just inspire us. Sometimes they do all of the above. This project here is one that we had to look up because we didn’t even know what an Allegro was, but it turns out to be an Austin-Morris that was a little compact car available in a 2-door, 4-door, and even a 2-door wagon at some point in it’s life. They were of course a little British car that we didn’t see here in the states.

So what does someone do if they want one to be a sleeper that hauls ass but looks pretty tame? K20 swap it of course!

Since the highest horsepower rating ever given to an Allegro was 90hp, even an ultra mellow 200 horsepower K20 is going to be a rocket in this little car and we think it probably makes for a fun ride when it is done.

Not only that, but the fabrication work and the car going into this one is pretty cool and make us think of Project Binky which is, in our opinion, the finest YouTube car build ever to happen. With that said, here is the info from the guys at Fabco who are tackling this project.

Video Description:

A brand new project to the FabCo channel, before we’ve even finished the first! We’re taken on the Allegro after badgering Jonny for months about the Agro and we’re finally making some progress. In this episode, I talk through making the chassis jig and getting the car mounted on it, then get cutting that awful front off. Many challenges lay ahead, but this is a great starting point, a blank canvas to build from!

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