Single Seat Race Car Build Part 3: Lowering The Traditional Rear Suspension With A Reverse Eye Leaf Spring

Single Seat Race Car Build Part 3: Lowering The Traditional Rear Suspension With A Reverse Eye Leaf Spring

Lowering a hot rod has never been easier than it is today, but back in the day these things required a lot more work and creativity because there weren’t aftermarket parts available. So when the back of the Model A Speedster needed lowering it was time to take the main spring and reverse the eyes. By doing this, and some spring reshaping the car got much lower and is much better for becoming a race car.

Want to know how this is done? Then watch the video below to see just how this great little project is coming along. You’ll dig it as much as we do I’m sure.

Bennett’s Customs is an Australian is a traditional builder that does some pretty cool car and motorcycle projects, and they have embarked on a new project that must be done by September in order to go racing at the Perkolilli Red Dust Revival. This is a single seat race car build, like one that you would have seen in the 1940s and they are building it from a mix of scratch made parts, stuff that has been sitting around collecting dust, and some more traditional parts they will no doubt be wheeling and dealing for. If you are into traditional rides, like those we feature from Iron Trap Garage, then you are going to dig what they are doing here. I’m intrigued, and inspired, by projects like this because we all tend to make projects that are so complicated and big that they take forever. If instead we worked on some smaller projects, maybe we could get more of them done.

This project here is no lightweight with regards to the work required, since they are doing this all from scratch, but it sure looks like it is going to be a fun one and we can’t wait to watch it come together. Here are the first two episodes and we’ll bring you more shortly!


Video Description:

In this video we removed the rear model a leaf spring from the single seater speedster. Reverse the main spring eyes and re-shape the spring pack to relate the shape of a Ford model T rear spring. With this setup we achieved to lower the rear portion of the chassis 100mm or 4 inches.

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