The Alfarrari Project: Making It Steer After Swapping In A Ferrari Engine And Trans.

The Alfarrari Project: Making It Steer After Swapping In A Ferrari Engine And Trans.

Now that the engine and trans have been fitted, and permanent mounts for them made, it’s time to figure out the steering. That sounds like it might be easy, but even the most straightforward things can become an issue when you are doing engine swaps and such. But what really makes it more challenging is the fact that this car didn’t have rack and pinion steering on it from the factory and all that area has been cut out and replaced so there is a lot more than just bolting in a steering rack and hooking it to the column. In this case not only does the steering column need to be able to connect to the rack and the rack must be mounted in the car, but it also has to have correct steering geometry so as to have the rick Ackerman and no bump steer. Math is going to happen, and lots of measuring.

Watch and be inspired to get out and do more in your garage.

This is a little car, and it still has lots of little things to fix on it, but Jeff is surely knocking them out. I am really digging this one and can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

I found this project on YouTube and it has been going on for a couple of years now so we need to catch up! This is Jeff, and he builds cool stuff, and he decided that he wanted to build an Alfa 105, which I have no clue about, and stuff it full of Ferrari power. Sounds like a hot rod to me, so I’m in. We’re going to share several videos at a time on this one to keep the ball rolling.

Check it out.


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