Watch BMW Turn An Aircraft Carrier Into The Ultimate Racetrack… Or Did They?

Watch BMW Turn An Aircraft Carrier Into The Ultimate Racetrack… Or Did They?

We’ve seen a lot of cars race fighter jets on aircraft carriers, including Top Fuel Dragsters, but this video from BMW is using A LOT more of the aircraft carrier than we’ve ever seen used before. The big question everyone is going to have though… “Is it real?” It can’t be. Or can it? Did BMW really make an aircraft carrier in the Ultimate Racetrack? With concrete barriers, rumble strips, and tire barriers, along with ultra crazy no barricade drop offs, the logical side of our brain says no way. But could it really happen?

I really doubt that even BMW would spend the money required to modify and outfit an aircraft carrier to this extent, but boy would it be bitchin if they did. Ultimately, we don’t give a crap one way or the other, because the video is awesome and does make you hold your breath a few times as this new 2015 BMW M4 gets thrown to the edge and almost over.

BMW has spent a lot of money on super cool videos over the past few years, and we definitely feel that this one is worthy of the BMW video heritage.

Check out the BMW Ultimate Racetrack below.

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11 thoughts on “Watch BMW Turn An Aircraft Carrier Into The Ultimate Racetrack… Or Did They?

  1. hptqjunkie

    I see it now, some yuppie with no balls, and no girlfriend will see this, and will go out and buy one, then the next thing I know I will be behind them on the interstate doing 40 mph, it a 75mph……..then hit the off ramp at 25mph……grrrrrrr Die hippies Die

    1. GuitarSlinger

      Sorry there hptqjunkie …. but the only one that’ll be getting passed on the Interstate when it comes to BMW’s …. is you an what ever pathetic excuse you may own that you think is a performance car ! Hate to tell you this as well but that BMW owner flying by you has a Trophy Girl sitting next to him . Not a reject from the Red Light district such as yourself . As far as the Hippie comment . Being an Ex Hippie myself … care to go toe to toe punk ? Guaranteed this is one music playing Hippie that’ll kick your white tr*sh xenophobic little __ on the track or man to man . Take your pick ! Personally I’d vote for the man to man option .

      1. hptqjunkie

        GuitarSlinger Wow did I hit a nerve? Hmmmm you just told on yourself….you are “that Guy”…..funny

  2. gregg68

    CGI. You can see the asphalt early in the video & the flight deck edge is wrong. That’s just for starters.

    1. GuitarSlinger

      Yup ! CGI at its finest . Indeed intended to deceive . Which it will .. guaranteed . The American buying public being the brain washed fools most of them are .

      The real shame of this being ; in light of the quality and performance BMW’s have … not to mention the overall sales appeal the brand has … to serious GearHeads [ demanding handling , reliability as well as drivability vs say GM’s left over parts bin Holden crap masquerading as a Z/28 ] as well as fashionista yuppies …. there really is no need to spread the manure about in order to get some sales

      Simple fact . BMW sells more 3 Series worldwide than Cadillac does its entire inventory .

  3. 75Duster

    I hope that BMW is contributing something to the sailors aboard the USS Stennis (CVN -74) where the BMW and its “race track” were CGI to.
    And I also hate BMW’s and there drivers.
    GuitarSlinger, it is a free country, there is this thing called the First Amendment – freedom of speech, if you don’t like someone’s opinion, you don’t threaten them with bodily harm as you did with hptqjunkie, Bangshift needs to ban you from this website. There are many of us on it who are sick of your shit.

    1. john t

      Amen to that! GS you call the guy xenophobic and then slag off at all Holdens as crap? You support BMW’s and euro cars and bag anything American (or Australian)? Why are you on this site? Sick of trolling on youtube??

  4. Brian Cooper

    Fakity fake fake. I know I’m not the only one watching to see the Eurotrash fall off the “ship.”

  5. Ken

    100% Fake, flight deck is the wrong shape, not to mention the surface. Anybody who has ever walked on that nonskid they cover carrier flight decks with wouldn’t even consider this. IF you could break traction on it your tires would be completely shredded and flat in a few feet let alone a couple laps.

  6. Eddie

    What’s worse? The crap yellow color or the exhaust note on that M4 at the rev limiter? Neither makes me want to buy that car, and I love BMWs as well as yellow on cars.

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