Big Block Bruiser: This 1966 Galaxie 7-Litre Is One Of A Few Left, Especially With A 4-Speed

Big Block Bruiser: This 1966 Galaxie 7-Litre Is One Of A Few Left, Especially With A 4-Speed

(By Greg Rourke) – Brian has feautured a few of his favorite full size muscle cars lately, so I thought I’d see if I could find one of my favorites for sale, a 1966 Ford Galaxie 7 Liter. This model is also a favorite of some Hollywood guy who tells jokes for a living, Jay Leno. The Galaxie 7 Liter only lasted for two years, and was a stand alone model for 1966 only, becoming just a package in 1967. It got you a 428 engine in almost every case, with the exception of maybe two that ended up with a 427 side oiler. A 4 speed or automatic were available, front disc brakes were standard, a woodgrain rim blow steering wheel, mag style wheel covers, and a bunch of 7 Liter callouts came with the package. With the exception of the emblems, one could order all of this on a regular Galaxie for a few hundred dollars less, which might account for the low sales. Body choices were a 2 door hardtop or droptop.

The story goes that this Leno cat turned 16 in 1966 and accompanied his parents to the local Ford dealer in search of a new car for Dad. The dealer only had a few Falcons and Fairlanes on display, and Dad wanted a full size car, so they decided to order a new Galaxie. Young Jay asked the ‘rents if he could pick out the engine. Mom said “Oh, let him pick out a motor. What difference could it make?” In four to six weeks, they found out exactly how much difference it could make. The kid had pulled the salesman aside and ordered a 7 Liter Galaxie. Dad needed the car so he signed the paperwork. He then fired up his new car and shut it off immediately, demanding to know why his new car had a hole in the muffler. His smart ass kid had also found one could check a “muffler delete” box on the order sheet, which got you glass packs and no resonators.

The senior Leno lit up the tires on his way out of the service bay, probably deciding on how long the brat would be grounded. He was later ticketed for 110 MPH, so we guess he decided he liked his new Galaxie just fine.

So here we have a fine example of a 1966 droptop, four gear 7 Liter. The seller claims it hasn’t been restored, but the engine was rebuilt and it had one repaint a few years back. Looks pretty good to us, and the price doesn’t seem out of line.

Mr. Leno won’t be beating you to the punch on this one, he found and restored a hardtop of his own a few years back, and even with the 4 speed which was the one thing he couldn’t sneak past Pops. And my dad was being a big sport by just agreeing to an AM radio.

Click here to see the ad for this killer 1966 Galaxie 7-Litre

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2 thoughts on “Big Block Bruiser: This 1966 Galaxie 7-Litre Is One Of A Few Left, Especially With A 4-Speed

    1. Bill Greenwood

      I can’t comment on the price, as I’m not as tied into the Ford loop, but I don’t think it’s too crazy. Big block, stick, one owner since 68, it ticks a lot of boxes.
      My high school chem/physics teacher had a 4dr LTD, which was a higher end model of the same body. It was red with a black vinyl top, in a hardtop. Full power options including seats. What made the car truly unique was it being a 7-Litre plus it had buckets and a console. The car was a true grand touring piece, and I would think a properly restored one would bring a good dollar today.

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