Cool Car For Sale: This 1966 Ford Cortina GT Powered By A 302!

Cool Car For Sale: This 1966 Ford Cortina GT Powered By A 302!

Of all the cars in the world to want, my one weird car desire is to own a Lotus Cortina. I may want to review that to “was” because now by weird car desire is to own this 1966 Cortina GT that has been repowered with a 302ci Ford small block. The car is exceptionally well done and outside of the exhaust note, you would never know this thing was anymore than just a clean stocker with the hood down. With the hood up, the mildly modified 302 is apparent as is the coolness of the whole package.

Very light and nimble, these cars were lusty with the four banger engine in them but with this V8, those Minnilite wheels, and a the full factory interior, things don’t get much better!

The car comes with an original set of wheels which is fine but if you buy this car and take the Minilites and put literally anything else in it we’ll find you and we’ll hurt you. That’s a promise. I like the blue and white paint job, I like the fact that the gauges work and I like the fact that this little car does not appear to be hacked together. It looks dang processional!

The engine has a TrickFlow camshaft, Cobra heads, shorty headers, and other good bolt on parts so that seems pretty cool. The rear axle is a narrowed 8-inch with 2.79 gears. That would have to change pretty quickly, and it has a T5 trans which means that swapping a more stout TKO in there won’t be much of a hassle.

This thing is good and we agree with the price as well.

Click here for the CL ad featuring this 1966 Cortina GT with 302 power!

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6 thoughts on “Cool Car For Sale: This 1966 Ford Cortina GT Powered By A 302!

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Sell the miniltes as they are as boring as Wolferace 4 slot mags were in the 70s, Replace them with Lotus Cortina wide steels and then you have perfection!

  2. William Barbour

    I have owned 3 Lotus cortinas a 64 a 66 and a68 I enjoyed these cars in the
    The sixties
    Regards WB

  3. Bill Greenwood

    I didn’t reall start READING the articles in car mags until I was 10 or 12. This car reminds me of one of the first stories I actually read. It involved some California gear heads and a Vauxhall Epic (IIRC the title was “The Tale of the Epic Epic.”). Said Epic was the recipient of a transplanted 327/350 and accompanying M21 from a Corvette that had apparently tried to occupy the same point in space/time as a light post. Unsuccessfully, I might add.
    Said mouse was shoehorned inelegantly into its new home. The trans tunnel was expanded for clearance with a torch and pop rivets. Distributor clearance provided with the aid of a BFH. The upside was that Epic Epic weighed about a thousand pounds less than the Vette. It was a quick little ride.
    However, all that newfound torque was not welcomed by the little unibody. After a couple of weeks of heavy squirrelling, the Epic Epic’s passenger rear door developed a tendency to not close properly. The trunk lid wouldn’t open, and then was hard to shut. It dog-tracked with increasing severity. Finally the new cover over the expanded trans tunnel popped off.
    Finally sanity ruled the day. I think a parent was involved, and the Epic Epic lost its new heart and was sent off to the crusher.
    I laughed my ass off reading that tale.

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