Ever Seen A 1973 Ford Torino Station Wagon? This One Is Cool, But It Needs Some Help

Ever Seen A 1973 Ford Torino Station Wagon? This One Is Cool, But It Needs Some Help

Maybe I have simply lived a sheltered life but until I happened upon this 1973 Ford Torino station wagon, I had never actually seen one before. The thing is huge and its curves and general shape seem to accentuate the size of the beastly hunk of Detroit Iron. The car looks clean enough but it is also somewhat of a poster child for how important wheels are in establishing the overall aesthetic of a car. The billet wheels on this thing look like they date from the earlier 2000s and while their size is good, the design is definitely dated.

I like the stance and the color so a refresh with some modern wheels would make the outside of the huge Ford good to go. The interior is 100% stock appearing which means you have miles of vinyl covering bench seats and its all that 1970s brown-ish color. I’d either leave the inside exactly as it is or maybe make one change for a set of bucket seats up front. Matching the factory color may be tough but the comfort factor and look would be worth it.

Lastly there’s the engine which like the rest of the car has good bones but needs some help. The cleaned up 351 Cleveland engine looks great but with manifolds and single exhaust it is not the powerhouse that it could be. Some aluminum heads, headers, maybe EFI, a healthy camshaft, and a hot ignition would turn the Cleveland into a pretty nasty piece and make this wagon really quick for its size.

These cars are not exactly packing award winning styling but doing stuff like tucking the front bumper and losing the glue on scoops would do a lot to clean up the exterior looks. One thing that would have to stay? The roof rack. That’s too cool looking.

Link: eBay Listing For This Interesting 1973 Ford Torino Station Wagon

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12 thoughts on “Ever Seen A 1973 Ford Torino Station Wagon? This One Is Cool, But It Needs Some Help

  1. Wes

    I. WANT. THIS.

    Would look killer with “natural” Torq-Thrusts or some steels with dog dish center caps.

  2. jerry z

    Why do people put on those JC Nitwit hood scoops? Spend a little money and install a shaker hood at least. The wheels are stuck in the 80’s too.

    Other than that the looks killer.

  3. HotRodPop

    What’s with the EFI, Lohnes? Got a problem with a bumpstick and a fat carb? Keep it period correct and it’ll shine! Like the satin American mag idea, too!

  4. Anthony

    My friends mother had one in Jr. High. Darker brown too. It was quiet and rode great. Too bad they dont build em like this anymore.

  5. Shawn Fox Firth

    I was 13 in ’80 my friends cousins had their dads hand me down same year I think it was originally blue they painted it satin black at the do-it-yourself garage that used to be in our neighborhood , they had huge house speakers in the back they would let us hang out cruzin with them cranking AC/DC Scorpions Deep Purple and Motorhead …Danny Woodhouse was his name this brought back some cool memories ….

  6. Great Gazoo

    I’m doing up a 72 Gran Torino wagon right now. 351C 4v with dual exhaust with Flowmaster 40s and a T5 conversion. Bucket seats from 97 Cirrus. 17 inch American five spoke wheels in the Magnum 500 style. Needs paint yet.

  7. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Babyshit brown paint job!

    Why is that the ONLY colour for US station wagons?

    This would look so good in gloss black with some of those 17 inch American/Magnum 500 wheels – then swap in a Shotgun 429 as there’s way too much weight in this baby for that little ol’ Cleveland to pull around!

  8. C.M. Bendig

    `973 Gran Torino Sport buckets and floor console. They came with the same brown interior color.

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