Approved: Ford Mustang To Replace Falcon For Next Season In Aussie Supercar Series

Approved: Ford Mustang To Replace Falcon For Next Season In Aussie Supercar Series

It’s been a while since we have been able to report some cool news from the Australian automotive scene but that is exactly what we get to do today. It has been announced that the Ford Mustang to replace Falcon switch that Ford has been working on for the Aussie Supercar series will come to fruition for next season after nine days of aerodynamic testing on the Mustang that the company wants to run. This will be the first time in more than 50 years that Ford is not represented by the Falcon model on the track which is pretty crazy to think about.

The turnaround on this is insane because the first race is on February 28th and Ford teams are scrambling to get their bodied and cars built before the green flag drops in Adelaide to open the season. The Mustang will be battling the Holden Commodore and the Nissan Altima as those are the three models that compete in the series now. Scott McLaughlin who just won the 2018 series championship will be in a Mustang as part of his Roger Penske backed team.

Ultimately this is a good thing for the series. We wonder how long it will take Chevrolet to work to field Camaros instead of Commodores in Australian Supercar racing after this switch. It would be a slight revival of the 1970s Trans-Am series if they were to meet heads up on the track as they did back then. There were questions as to Ford’s commitment to the series after they shuttered their domestic manufacturing in Australia but with this new car we’re expecting them to be part of the program for years to come.

The rivalries remain strong between Holden and Ford fans so we’ll see just how much of a stink these new cars came make once the season starts in late February.

ESPN: Ford Mustangs approved to compete in Aussie Supercar series next year

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2 thoughts on “Approved: Ford Mustang To Replace Falcon For Next Season In Aussie Supercar Series

  1. aussie351

    I look at V8 Supercars the same way a lot of you guys look at NASCAR.
    Controlled chassis and engines, with a body kinda resembling a production car dropped on top.
    They lost their soul years ago….

  2. RK - no relation

    I thought the Aussie Supercars had a little more in common with the factory car than a NASCAR, which is Totally fabricated in specialty shops


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