Is There A Ford Mustang Sedan on The Way? Some Circumstantial Evidence Suggest Maybe!

Is There A Ford Mustang Sedan on The Way? Some Circumstantial Evidence Suggest Maybe!

(By Tom Lohnes) – Well, that’s an interesting sight. Not even 5 years after Ford pulled out of the sedan game for good, they were seen doing benchmark testing on a Dodge Charger Hellcat at their testing facility. What are they up to in Dearborn?

Well, everyone has a few ideas. One, a Mustang sedan. I know that sounds crazy, but as you can see from the Mach-E, Ford does not care. They are trying to make Mustang a standalone brand, so a crazy, boosted 4-door with a few horses slapped on the side doesn’t seem that far off.

Here’s the thing though: Ford has filed a patent for the name “Gran Torino” to be used on a car. As. with whatever this new sedan is, the Gran Torino was a big, heavy car with enough power and torque to spin the earth all by itself. Do you see where we’re going here?

An idea I had was for a next-gen Falcon. Australia no longer receives their 2nd-favorite fast sedan anymore, so why not make another one and give us Americans some? Sales would be great down under because it’s archrival, the Holden Commodore, is not around anymore either.

Whatever it is, it’s great to see Ford coming back into the sedan game with a large bang. With competition like the aforementioned Charger and the sharp Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing, Ford better be prepared for war.

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7 thoughts on “Is There A Ford Mustang Sedan on The Way? Some Circumstantial Evidence Suggest Maybe!

  1. BigDogSS

    I think it is a brilliant move! I think there is only a relatively small group that cares if the Mustang is a 2 door only nowadays. Remember when Porsche started making 4-doors and SUVs? –> I didn’t like it, but it also was a brilliant move. 4-door Wrangler? –> Grand Slam!!
    Look for the Camaro to be a 4-door/EV in the near future.

  2. Russell

    I would love to see Ford build a proper 4 door rear wheel drive sedan, but hope they don’t call it a Mustang. I vote for V8 and a stick shift please! Once it done ship it over to Lincoln, for refinement.

  3. drivindadsdodge

    4 door rear wheel drive sedan… Coyote Power …
    4 wheel Independent suspension…..
    Gran Torino name would be perfect ..
    make it as rugged as the Crown Vic was … Police Departments will line up at the Glass House to get one !

  4. Truckin' Ted

    Ford needs a 4 dr. sedan in the worst way, and to the point above……….the law enforcement community needs something to give Dodge some competition.

    IF they could deliver a sedan, then a stretch to a station wagon configuration is not too far of a stretch either. Offer multiple engines and transmission platforms, (including hybrid), and some serious reliability……..then the cost of building a new platform could further be amortized. Henry Ford and Lee Iacocca demonstrated that a car for everyone can produce large sales volumes.

    What they don’t need are situations like the hard top on the current Bronco, transmission problems in the Mustang and the Focus. I’m a Ford fan, (and former owner), that loves reliability more than I do Ford. And quite frankly, why I own a Honda Accord.


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