Mind Blowing eBay Find: A 2006 Ford GT Factory Modified Race Chassis In A Crate! Seriously, This is Nuts!

Mind Blowing eBay Find: A 2006 Ford GT Factory Modified Race Chassis In A Crate! Seriously, This is Nuts!

Yesterday we told you about a Ford Mustang body in white that was for sale on eBay. In typical fashion we missed the bigger story which is the fact that the same guy has a freaking Ford GT factory race chassis for sale! BangShifter Silver68RT checked out the Mustang story and then went rooting around the seller’s eBay listings and found what you will see below which is incredible, a real deal Ford GT chassis that has been additionally braced and strengthened to FIA standards for racing. This is an amazing piece which we didn’t even know was ever available for sale from the factory. The dude is asking $75,000 for the chassis and claims that one without the additional beefing up for racing sells for $109,000 bucks. Hell, the shipping crate alone is worth a few grand! What’s even nuttier is that when you copy and paste the part number for the frame into Google about 10 outlets pop up offering to sell them. Are we the only guys that didn’t know you could walk into a Ford dealer and order this part number?!

Who would want this? Obviously someone building a race car would be one party. Maybe someone with a wrecked GT that they could swap the engine and transmission would want it, but then they would also be having to source body parts and other components. This is a mind bender for sure. Not that we have the money or even a fleeting interest in buying it but we’re kind of happy to know that there are Ford GT chassis out there on the market to be bought.

This would be the ultimate, “Honey, I won an eBay auction today….” story, right? Are we the only ones who thing that this is pretty damned cool? What do you think? Will the dude find a buyer?




eBay ad link: 2006 Ford GT supercar chassis in a crate! 

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13 thoughts on “Mind Blowing eBay Find: A 2006 Ford GT Factory Modified Race Chassis In A Crate! Seriously, This is Nuts!

  1. Russell

    that is cool, but when you can buy a complete one for $200-250k all day long on epay 75 for the chassie sounds high, no way I could make that a complete car for an additional 125.

  2. mike

    Being a ford parts guy I can tell you that the rest of the car would cost way more the the purchase of a compete car.

    left door. 10k
    right door 10k
    rear bonnet 23k

    These are real number not joking.

    1. Toolman

      I can verify this info. Just pulled them up in the catalog and crapped my pants! The upper dash panel is 32k!

  3. 440 6Pac

    But it’s still in the box y’all.
    Really I agree, why spend that kind of money when ya can get a complete car cheaper.
    Maybe he needs to send it over to Barrett Jackson where some millionaire with more dollars than sense will pat him $100 grand for it.

  4. Michael S.

    “Honey, I won an eBay auction today….” would be the last words i would speak for about a year . My wife would have thrown every plate at me and then run me over in my Nova . Only because of her dislike for Fords would that all happen to me.
    I dig the orininal GT40 more than the new one anyhow


  5. elkyguy

    I say,let’s hook this guy up with the genius that made the lawn tractor rat rod,and see what awesomeness occurs!!!—(p.s.,i sent the lawn tractor find guys……sorry….)—–and for fun,type in “hot rod” in the search box of your local craigslist,and see what you get!


    Overrated offering from the beginning.Poor quality control.
    Ford GT owners were notified that their vehicles could lose their front ends at any time and to not drive them IMMEDIATELY upon notification.
    These cars and components are vastly overpriced.
    God luck.

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