My Money Car: There’s A Guy Selling A 1998 Ford Taurus That He Glued Nickles and Pennies To For $34,500

My Money Car: There’s A Guy Selling A 1998 Ford Taurus That He Glued Nickles and Pennies To For $34,500

This. This is something else. You are looking at My Money Car which is the stage name for a 1998 Taurus that’s currently for sale on Craigslist with the asking price of $34,500. If you are confused as to why a car that would normally retail for about $4,000 now and retailed for about $20,000 brand new would suddenly sell for $34,500 you need to look a little bit closer. That’s not custom paint you are looking at, that’s thousands of pennies and nickels that have been glued to the outside of the car. Why? Why do men and women climb mountains? Because they’re there. Obviously other factors entered into this build as well. Perhaps a love of the smell of glue? A hatred of the “give a penny/take a penny” thing at the convenience store? There’s too many possible motives to really lock one down but somewhere along the line, My Money Car was created.

Outside of the 350lbs of loose change that ain’t so loose anymore you are getting one pretty damned nice 1998 Ford Taurus to drive. The interior is mint, the motor is nice and clean, and while the seller does not list the mileage he does say that there are 4,200 nickels, 28,500 pennies, and 50 silver dollars adorning the machine.

Why start with a Taurus? Why the hell not.

We’re not even going to try to get into understanding how or why this has happened but it has. Now you need $34,500 to own it and we’re guessing that the seller isn’t going to budge on the price.

Click here to see the ad for My Money Car – The $34k 1998 Taurus

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13 thoughts on “My Money Car: There’s A Guy Selling A 1998 Ford Taurus That He Glued Nickles and Pennies To For $34,500

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    He’ll end up ripping every penny and dime off this pile of shit just to eat as nobody but nobody would give even two cents for it!

  2. ProExtremeMotorcycle2513


    Noteworthy is the time it took for this lunacy, the amount of glue and cleaning the surface to get them all to stick, but DAAAAAUUUUMMM…someone needs to have a wellness check done on this person…I can only imagine what the inside of their house looks like, can someone say EXTREME OCD??

    Now, I owned a 1998 Taurus, most comfortable seats in a car I have ever placed my butt in, but the transmissions last about 30k miles and then are junk, the heater cores go out about every 15k miles…the car on a whole is kind of a POS.

    I’d give this person $250 or $500 just for the seats if they are both power…lol


    I’m sure I’m the only one wondering what kind of glue holds change on a car. Potholes, wind, kids that notice. …

  4. Tubbed Pacecar

    Working Theory:
    Sellers “Glue Huffing” habit led to the idea (or is that hallucination?) that covering a car in pocket change would be a good idea.
    Subsequent huffing sessions led to the idea that someone would actually pay big bucks for the car.
    The next phase will see them out in the driveway, scraping pennies off to help fund purchase of more glue………..

  5. Matt Cramer

    That… actually looks better than the description would make it sound. Although since a Taurus already looks like some sort of bizarre species of deep sea fish, perhaps putting scales on one just reinforces that impression.

  6. Charles Bendig

    $285 in Penny’s (28,500 total divide by 100 to make a dollar) $210 in Nickles (4,200 divide by 20 to make a dollar) and 50 one dollar coins. unless actual sterling silver…

    Face value $545. It is ILLEGAL for businesses or privet parties to scrap U.S. Currency. so the car body has No scrap value. The car has No value other then currency Face Value. It may even be Illegal as is. One would have to have the U.S. Treasury department approve it.

  7. AndyB

    Misread this:

    “Why? Why do men and women climb mountains?”


    “Why? Why do men climb mountainous women?”

    Oddly, the meaning changed very little.

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