RideTech Racers Score Big At USCA Gateway Motorsports Park – Our Man Rodney Is Headed To OUSCI!

RideTech Racers Score Big At USCA Gateway Motorsports Park – Our Man Rodney Is Headed To OUSCI!

As the Ultimate Street Car Association works and weaves its way around the country to events both far and wide, the RideTech crew has been one of the steady forces at every venue this year. From the high banks of Daytona to the tight turns of the course in St Louis at Gateway Motorsports Park, the RideTech fleet has been right there. This time, there was a veritable flotilla of RideTech iron in the house with cars ranging from the 48 Hour Camaro to the awesome 1962 NASCAR tribute Impala, Rodney Prouty’s awesome Camaro, the company’s famed blue 1966 Chevelle, and a whole bunch more. There’s a menacing black Chevelle you’ll see in the gallery that looks as though Lord Vader himself drove to the race.

The bottom line is that RideTech competes for several reasons. The first is that it is the most fun you can have with your clothes on. The second is because it is where they can work on new products, designs, and ideas to test them in the harshest of conditions, and thirdly because that’s where YOU are. Being able to interact with the customers who are using their products. These guys are serious and the photos and results below show it!


Another success filled Ultimate Street Car Association event is in the books.

Last weekend the USCA competitors flocked to Gateway Motorsports Park for an adrenaline burning bash. There were more RideTech equipped competitors than any of the previous USCA events, which always leads to a good time. We can guarantee that we have the best customers in the world. RideTech’s own Bret Voekel piloted the 48Hour Camaro to an overall fourth place finish after his third place Autocross and fourth place Speed Stop placings. Jason Brady was driving the 62 Nascar Tribute Impala, but for being a large underpowered land yacht it is actually quite nimble. Jason’s best finish was 16th out of 27 in the HotLap challenge. Rodney Prouty¬†was running his personal 67 Camaro. Rodney finished 12th in the Autocross and 18th in the Speed Stop. Chris Smith was once again representing the RideTech Team in his C10. Chris finished 15th in Speed Stop, 13th in Autocross, and 13th in the Hot Lap Challenge. This earned Chris an overall finish of 13th. Greg Schneider also had a great showing in the RideTech 66 Chevelle.

We also want to send a big thanks out to some of the other RideTech Nation competitors. Randy Johnson, James Shipka, Dan Ballard, Dan Howe, Lance Hamilton, Pedro Gonzales, and Dan Kuhn. Competitors like these guys are just as responsible for our success as anyone.


CLICK HERE to see a full gallery of photos from RideTech at the USCA Gateway event

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