Rough Start: 1994 Ford Mustang – Just Slip-Sliding Away!

Rough Start: 1994 Ford Mustang – Just Slip-Sliding Away!

Another day, another hypothetical $5,000 to spend on a car that is going to be more than a boring MPG machine. In fact, let’s throw “boring” out of the window altogether. You want something that can get downright nasty when the moment is right. Something that you can get parts for cheaply, something you can still find copies of at the junkyard easily enough. You want it to haul ass like a strip club limo service and thrill you…well, about the same, if we’re being honest. You want the machine your neighbors will hate, your insurance company will be lied to about, the car that will make your mother cry. Oh, friend…we are many things here, but we know how to scratch that deep-rooted itch for delinquency. Follow me…

1994 Ford Mustang. The rushed facelift for the Fox Body after the car that became the Ford Probe went over with the Mustang faithful about as well as a wet fart in church. Still powered by the 5.0L, but now wearing styling that had more to do with the concept Mustang Mach III machine and sporting suspension upgrades that tried to dial out some of the Fox’s tail-happy to a fault nature. They’re cheap, they are fun, and they are underrated as a good fun car for some shenanigans. Perfect for a budget shopper. This one has been given the drifter treatment, including modifications to increase steering angle, some goodies for the engine and some cage work for safety.

If you can’t figure out how to have fun with this one for $4,500, then you need your head checked.

Facebook Marketplace link: 1994 Ford Mustang GT

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