The Alfarrari Project: How To Build Your Own Dry Sump Oil Tank!

The Alfarrari Project: How To Build Your Own Dry Sump Oil Tank!

In these next three videos in the series, you are going to see the dry sump oil tank go together for the Ferrari engine. While technically it’s just an oil reservoir, it’s an awfully big one and it has to be right or things will go horribly wrong in many different ways. Watch.

There is so much going into building this little hot rod, and every single part of it is custom. After all, there are no kits to do this kind of thing so you have to build it all yourself if you want to do it right.

Watch and be inspired to get out and do more in your garage.

This is a little car, and it still has lots of little things to fix on it, but Jeff is surely knocking them out. I am really digging this one and can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

I found this project on YouTube and it has been going on for a couple of years now so we need to catch up! This is Jeff, and he builds cool stuff, and he decided that he wanted to build an Alfa 105, which I have no clue about, and stuff it full of Ferrari power. Sounds like a hot rod to me, so I’m in. We’re going to share anywhere from one to four videos at a time on this one to keep the ball rolling.


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