The Loophole: You Can Get A TVR Sagaris…If You Build The Kit Yourself And Have An LS Engine Ready!

The Loophole: You Can Get A TVR Sagaris…If You Build The Kit Yourself And Have An LS Engine Ready!

Somewhere in the borderlands between old-school, established marques like Jaguar and the staid names like Rover, vehicles manufactured in Britain aren’t generally fully renowned for their insanity. You expect British Racing Green paint, a very comfortable and well-appointed interior, and a better chance of liking the six cylinder than you will any other engine in the lineup. Then, there is the little company that came out of Blackpool that produced cars in the same manner Sid Vicious produced music, TVR. Yeah, they had six cylinders too, and they ran like the wind, but everything else about the car was unhinged insanity. ABS and airbags? Hell no, those inspire overconfidence and keep your self-preservation instinct from doing it’s job, so…nope, not installed. Not even through the mid-2000s. The bodywork looked like a race car a six-year-old sketched up and a very angry 60-year-old Norseman with an axe chopped up, and the handling was right up there with an El Camino on a snowy road on summer tires…fun if you knew what you were doing, panic-inducing if you didn’t.

The only problem, really, that I see with TVR is that they never came back to the States after they stopped selling cars here in 1986. As a kid playing Gran Turismo in the late 1990s, TVRs were a sure bet that Player 2’s feelings were about to be hurt in grand fashion. Wildly colored, shockingly powerful, and showcasing designs that backed up the excitement factor, the wilder the model the better. The last TVR before the corporate collapse in the mid-2000s, the Sagaris, was a 4.0L six-powered, 400 horsepower slap in the face to any sense of rationality or subtlety, and the earliest models won’t be legal to import until 2030. Or…if you’ve got about sixty grand burning a hole in your pocket and an LS mill ready to find a home, you can contact a small Spanish company called Grex Automotive and you can legally import one into the States…in kit form, of course. With a rolling chassis weight of 2,371 pounds sans engine and transmission, consider this the perfect gearhead model kit, one that will spike your adrenaline in a way that can only be topped by an Epi-Pen or the big needle straight to the heart. Grex is claiming that with the 485-horsepower LS3 that you’ll see 0-6o MPH sprints in 3.5 seconds.

Raise your hand if you can find more that 485 horsepower out of an LS mill. Keep them up if you love hearing, “WTF is that?!” when people look over your car. And keep them up if you would love to put one of these wicked little Brits together yourself. You know what to do…

Click here to learn more about Grex Automotive and the Sagaris program!

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  1. TommyGunn

    They came with an engine based off of the 4.6 mustang engines so if any engine should go into it it should be a Coyote or a Voodoo …

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