The Toroidion Electric Supercar From Finland Has The Equivalent Of 1,341hp And Is Insane

The Toroidion Electric Supercar From Finland Has The Equivalent Of 1,341hp And Is Insane

We have to thank Finnish BangShifter Jarmo Koivula for the tip off on what could be the most interesting electric car we have ever seen. Built and engineered entirely in Finland, the Troidion 1MW (Megawatt) packs the equivalent of 1,341hp and weighs a shade under 3,000lbs. The team of guys working on this thing have been at it for years developing electric performance and racing cars with their ultimate goal of having an electric that could feasibly compete at the 24 Hours of LeMans. Some of the things that apparently set the Troidion 1MW apart from other electric efforts are the fact that it is designed so that the performance of the drive system is scalable, meaning that it would be wicked down apparently and made to work for longer periods of time and the batteries are designed to be quickly replaced.

We’re guessing that the quick replacement comes from the race design and engineering backgrounds of the Troidion 1MW creators. It seems like that would be the best (only?) way you could have an electric car compete at LeMans. Basically a refueling stop but instead of liquid, we’re talking batteries.

Jarmo also included the following performance information which, if it pans out, would make this machine one of the quickest and fastest production (however limited) cars on Earth! Here’s what he said:

Yeah, I know – it doesn’t make the appropriate noises but consider this: 1341 hp and 1040 kg; that’s about 2955 lbs. The prototype is restricted to 200 kph (124 mph) and 0 to 200 kph takes 4,9 seconds. That’s pretty damn stout in my book, anyway. The manufacturer says that top speed is 450 kph (280 mph) and 0 to 400 kph (248 mph) takes 11 seconds.

While not in production yet, the projected price would put it somewhere around a million Euros which would be the equivalent of $1.1-million in USA greenbacks.

We have to say that the styling of the car is pretty neat. It is suitably sleek and low and has the right curves in the right places. We’re not sure if the design was the result of wind tunnel testing and development or just some really nice artistry but we cannot fault the looks. Even the high mounted rear view mirrors are pretty cool. The back of the car is also cleanly executed and hate us if you want but the swing up doors are pretty neat looking in our judgement.

There’s a couple of videos below and one of them shows some in-car footage. The electric motors in this sucker are LOUD for sure but if it performs like Jarmo thinks it will? We’d look past the noise because both us and our passenger would be screaming as we headed for 280mph!

What do you think? Pie in the sky or does this one have a chance? The Troidion 1MW certainly has our attention.

Check out these videos and see what the Troidion looks like in motion –



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