Think The Radio Flyer Is Crazy? This Art Car Is A 1972 Cadillac Being Swallowed By A ’49 International Metro

Think The Radio Flyer Is Crazy? This Art Car Is A 1972 Cadillac Being Swallowed By A ’49 International Metro


BangShift reader Kim Welch gets all the credit in the world for this find because it is so weird, so interesting, and so downright bizarre we never would have found it by ourselves. (Chad Note: I know there were at least ten of you out there that sent me the link to this thing a week or two ago. I didn’t post it because the photos were so small and bad, which turns out to be my bad. We appreciate every one of you out there who sends us tips on these things, so keep them coming!) What you are looking at is the most creative union of a 1972 Cadillac and a 1949 International Metro van that has ever been devised. Not a hot rod and not a racer, this is an art car and while the golden age of the art car has largely passed, this machine is still around and even better than that, it is for sale.

A friend of the builder is listing the car on behalf of the constructor who goes by Tim. Unfortunately due to health reasons, Tim can no longer cruise the creation so he’s now selling it with the hopes of a new buyer getting it back on the road and turning heads in every direction as it drives by.

70s front wheel drive Cadillacs have been used for everything from race car haulers to flatbeds and because you can simple cleave them in half and attached whatever you want to the back, they’re a perfect platform for a project like this or whatever else you have in mind. Being a ’72 this car has the 500ci engine that Caddy lovers know makes an ocean of torque and keeps this whole unit loafing down the road nicely.

(Because the ad may disappear at any time, here’s the text copied and pasted. Hit the link for more photos and stuff.)

This beautiful Art Car, the creation of my friend Tim, needs a new home and new lease on life. Not only is it art but a piece of history, the history of the great American romance with the road, the kings of the road, fast becoming extinct.

The “Metrolac” is the morphing of a 1949 International Metro Van and a ’72 Cadillac Eldorado with a 502 cubic inch engine, the largest production automobile engine ever produced.

“It drives like a Cadillac and when you get there you’re home!” says Tim. The concept in the artist’s mind when creating The Metrolac: a Ms. Pac-man devouring a Cadillac.

The Metrolac runs great, Tim says, but it needs brake work. Vision impaired, Tim can no longer drive nor care for his beloved art car himself. It is currently stored in Idyllwild, CA and will likely need to be towed to a new home. Also will need an ignition key made, some other incidentals. Tim is open to offers and ideas, wants to find it a good home.

(This ad posted by his friend Rick in San Francisco, on his behalf. Please call Tim if interested at show contact info or his cell show contact info . Thank you.

$2999. OBO


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4 thoughts on “Think The Radio Flyer Is Crazy? This Art Car Is A 1972 Cadillac Being Swallowed By A ’49 International Metro

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    I see the builder looks really nervous as he sits on the hood.

    Is that because he is the next item on the menu – I find this both deeply disturbing and hilarious at the same time. But it would have been better if it had been a Ford van eating a Chevy…

  2. Brendan M

    I had an idea to do a similar vehicle but it involved a car that looked like Linda Lovelace and the wiener-mobile.

    1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

      Ha ha ha ha!

      I wish I’d said that – best comment EVER on these hallowed pages by far!

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