This 1974 Alfa Romeo GTV Is A Beautiful Example Of 1970s Italian Coolness

This 1974 Alfa Romeo GTV Is A Beautiful Example Of 1970s Italian Coolness

The Alfa Romeo GTV is one of those cars that we’ve always kind of had on our “list” of stuff that we want to own at some point. Why? For starters just look at this 1974 example in blue. The car is stunning to behold in the Europe only shade of blue that is slathered, the Minilite style wheels are cool, and the fit and finish on the thing is amazing. The thing that really trips our trigger about these cars is their racing history in the Trans-Am series. Racing in the 2.0L and then the Two-Five ¬†Challenge categories they battled the likes of BMWs, Datusuns, Minis, and others. Guys like Horst Kwetch and others had time behind the wheel and they won races and championships in the series.

Alfa Romeo is one of the more interesting car companies out there historically speaking. They were a racing company through and through from the beginning. While most people here in the USA think about the ubiquitous Spyder when they hear the name Alfa Romeo because of the fact the little car had a 30 year run, we’re far more apt to think of cars like the GTV. This thing is about 3,435% cooler than a Spyder.

In some sense this GTV is a “resto-mod” because the car has been mildly tweaked, has a four point roll bar, the engine has been warmed up some, the exhaust is not “stock” per se, and of course the color is an (as mentioned) European only hue. The good news is that the modifications have all been made within the ethos of the car and it is very true to its heritage.

We’d love to throw a suitcase in the back of this car, hop in the driver’s seat and head off on a road trip. Hell, it would likely be fun as all get out on a autocross course as well. No, the thing is not going to knock you on your ass with accelerative power but we’d bet you dollars to donuts that it would be an incredibly fun car to beat on!


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2 thoughts on “This 1974 Alfa Romeo GTV Is A Beautiful Example Of 1970s Italian Coolness

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    No – the minilite style wheels are not cool!

    It seems the craze for putting these wheels on anything that moves has reached America. Some alloys from Alfaholics in England should be fitted as they compliment the car’s body lines and look as cool as a beer on a scorching hot day!

  2. jerry z

    The stereo system has to go! All that weight and would rather listen to the engine than 1000+ watts. Needs the bumpers installed and the Minilites are nice but the sticks runs look better.

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