This Used To Be An 1972 Cutlass – It Is Now A “Sports Car”

This Used To Be An 1972 Cutlass – It Is Now A “Sports Car”

Tim Booher sent us the link to this car, which used to be a 1972 Cutlass. It is now, according to the seller a “sports car”. We don’t know what sport. We really have no words for the description of this vehicle. We see a Corvette tail panel, we see side pipes, we see fenders from God knows what, we see a lot of things and they all scare us.

We’d go on but the ad speaks for itself:

Here’s the text of the ad in case a black hole opens up and swallows this “sports car”

Make heads spin this spring and summer!
One of a kind!
1972 Cutlass.
Regular gas.
Good condition.

Had it for years, won a couple trophies at car shows, just needing to sell because I need the $$.

I am asking $30,000 but that’s negotiable.

Here’s the link to the Craigslist Ad for this 1972 Cutlass “Sports Car”

cutlass1 cutlass2

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14 thoughts on “This Used To Be An 1972 Cutlass – It Is Now A “Sports Car”

  1. john t

    Always wondered what 30 grand worth of crap looked like…seriously, at what point do you say wait, this thing looks awful..

  2. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    So why are you still featuring crap cars?

    I complained earlier on this week about that Vette/limo heap of shit and now you inflict something even worse on us. Are you deliberately insulting your readership or do you just not care what crap you feature? Either way you owe us all an apology as we won’t stand for seeing such perversions on these pages!

  3. Wolf

    Seems like a lot of these monstrosities lately. Maybe time for a new regular BS feature like “throw your breakfast into reverse”?

  4. Crazy

    These are spoofs of the ricer pep boy isle cars and the rat rod over the top fad.

    Dry humor is lost on many..

  5. Weasel1

    All you haters! I think it sucks and would not own it for any money. That being said, someone put a lot of time, imagination and money into it. The lines are straight, it runs and drives. How many of you have ever had your wheels “hated”? I have and it sucks. I rebuilt my 1st car 4 times before I got it right and then sold it to get something else.

  6. Tanglefoot

    The moral of this story is : just because you can do something , does not mean you should do it .

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