Here They Come: Toyota Releases Fleet Of EV Concepts and Most Headed To Production

Here They Come: Toyota Releases Fleet Of EV Concepts and Most Headed To Production

(By Tom Lohnes) – Earlier this week, Toyota and Lexus released 15 new EV concepts that are all headed to production in one shape or another. There was of course a lot of boring electric sedans and crossovers, but there was a lot of outlandish, downright cool designs that we would never expect out of a battery-powered Toyota. Here’s some of our favorites from the parent company.

Toyota Pickup:

Supposedly returning the revered Toyota Pickup nameplate that left in 1995. Picking up where the old truck left off, this all-new EV will slot between the Tacoma and Tundra in size, and theoretically challenge the Rivian R1T and maybe even the GMC Hummer EV. Thit truck seems to have teased some of the all-new Tacoma’s styling as well, making it a pretty good-looking rig.

Toyota MR2?

There has been rumors of the ever-famous MR2 coming back since the early 2010s, and it seems like Toyota is finally making it happen. We don’t know if it will be gas or electric yet, but if it is the latter, we’re 99% sure this concept is the new version in concept form. With a bright orange paint job, a few GR badges, and an insanely low stance, this maybe-MR2 is a looker.

Toyota Compact Cruiser

Have you missed the old Toyota FJ Cruiser that was discontinued in 2014? Well, Toyota has an EV for that, and it is quite tiny. Using a dual-motor 4WD system with an E-Low Range, this small but spacious SUV has a few tricks up its sleeve. With 4 doors, a retro front-end design with a useless grille, and a bright blue paint job, this cute ute would definitely fit in on a trail.

So, there were a lot of vehicles here. These three from Toyota are my personal favorites from the brand, but these are definitely not production vehicles yet. Expect road-homologated versions to start production late next year.


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