Watch This Hot Shoe Drive His Shelby GT500 Into A Crowd While Leaving A Car Show – No One Hurt

Watch This Hot Shoe Drive His Shelby GT500 Into A Crowd While Leaving A Car Show – No One Hurt

We used to get annoyed when people would yell about people doing burnouts leaving car shows. After years now of posting videos like the one you will see below we may have actually been swayed over to their side of the argument. Why? Basically it seems like we are seeing situations like this one happen on a week to week basis now and that is a horrible thing for the car hobby, car shows, and people trying to have events in areas like this one featured below. Why? Firstly because the cops are undoubtedly involved in this right now, secondly because the lame ass insurance company is likely on the property owner’s ass for having a car show event, and lastly because if these people has not been fleet of foot enough to get away it would have been a mass¬†casualty incident and potentially worse.

We get it. There’s a crowd of people, there’s always a crowd of people. Those people want you to crank a burnout and impress them. Know why? Likely they are looking for the entertainment because the Camry that they drove to the show can’t do it and they have nothing to lose. Ok, their lives maybe but no one is thinking that. They have nothing to lose in the sense that they bear no responsibility for paying the citation you may get, fixing the damage you may cause, or in the case of this guy, dealing with the sudden internet fame that your lack of driving skill gave you. What every momentary glory you feel for impressing a couple of 16 year old kids who drove to the show in a Hyundai Elantra, the consequences are far further reaching.

Not to get totally up on the soapbox but this is a 1,000% preventable situation. Go ahead and rip on the guy’s driving skills if you want but the reality is that professional drivers have hurt and killed people on public roads doing stuff in this light. Ignore the mouth breathers on the curb please…please?!


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10 thoughts on “Watch This Hot Shoe Drive His Shelby GT500 Into A Crowd While Leaving A Car Show – No One Hurt

  1. Matt Cramer

    “Light ’em up!” Here we have a classic example of “Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it!”

  2. 50tbrd88

    So was this a hit and run? Looked like he was hauling ass outta there at the end of the video.

    1. jerry z

      I would call ththat “leaving the scene of an accident”.

      I had a 2004 GTO that made the car show scene a few times. One incident a GTO pulled onto the highway, did a burnout, lost control, and hit a Lincoln Town Car. Everyone thought he booked but turned around to owe up to his guilt.

  3. Danny

    That idiot was extremely lucky no one was killed, never mind hurt. I sure hope someone turned him in. I suspect he had to run home and tell daddy someone scratched the car up in the parking lot.
    No talent or brains.

  4. ClassicInline

    That’s leaving the scene of an accident. He did hit people. Luckily it looks like know one was hurt of killed. This A-Hole needs his license taken and some community service.

  5. HotRod

    If you’re going to light em up make sure your wheels are straight or crap like that will happen to you someday.
    The best thing to do is save the lighting em up for the drag strip. That way you don’t have to worry about running into the crowed.

    BTW, have you noticed that about all the idiots that run into the crowd are driving Mustangs? Either Mustang drivers don’t know how to drive or Camaros don’t have enough power to get out of shape. Or maybe Camaro drivers know how to drive.

  6. Hemi Joel

    If he checked with the people he hit and they were uninjured, I see no reason to call the cops or to stick around for strumpets and tea. Make sure everyone is ok, then get the heck out of there before ralf nader or barney fife shows up.

    if you are going to peel out on the street with people around, make sure that you have practiced it plenty of times before in a safe place, so you know how the car will respond. Unless you are Mario Andretti, make sure that car is straight and the wheels are pointed straight ahead before you nail the gas, and then give it a short blast, just to make a little noise and smoke, then let off before something goes awry. The longer you stay in it, the bigger your risk. And if the event you are leaving has requested no burnouts, by all means comply.

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