If You Want To Go Big, This Chevrolet K5 Blazer Has Got You Covered!

If You Want To Go Big, This Chevrolet K5 Blazer Has Got You Covered!

If you are running 46 inch tall tires you are a bad ass. Sure we know guys running tires that big, and bigger, on the street and there are people across the country reading this right now saying “Those little things!?”, but the reality is that the number of trucks running around with 46 inch or taller tires is pretty small. Trail only rigs might have a higher percentage, but if you are driving on the street then the 46 inch Michelins on this K5 are going to make sure you get A LOT of attention. While this truck isn’t the end all be all in ultra heavy duty components, it does come equipped with a beefed up Dana 60 up front and 14 bolt out back as well as an NP208 transfer case. The 350/350 combo won’t win it any races, but with the right gearing this thing should still move along just fine. We’d drive it. Check it out below.


Here is all the info from the seller:

1981 CHEVY K5 blazer monster lift on 46″s 350 w new edelbrock carb/rpm intake MSD ignition new battery , headman headers dual flowmasters 350 turbo trans w 208T/C,new 18″ SUPERLIFT w new bilstein 5100 shocks on all 4 corners,new extended steel braided brake lines,custom 1 ton DANA
60 front axle w DANA 70 dually outers w dual stabilizers,14 bolt corp rear end new 2wd gearbox w crossover steering,drives straight on freeway (562)879-2553

81-chevy-blazer-k5-monster-2 81-chevy-blazer-k5-monster-16 81-chevy-blazer-k5-monster-15 81-chevy-blazer-k5-monster-14 81-chevy-blazer-k5-monster-13 81-chevy-blazer-k5-monster-11 81-chevy-blazer-k5-monster-10 81-chevy-blazer-k5-monster-9 81-chevy-blazer-k5-monster-7 81-chevy-blazer-k5-monster-6 81-chevy-blazer-k5-monster-5 81-chevy-blazer-k5-monster-4 81-chevy-blazer-k5-monster-3

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2 thoughts on “If You Want To Go Big, This Chevrolet K5 Blazer Has Got You Covered!

  1. Hank c

    That poor steering gear ! Ram assist from the guys at Lee Power Steering could help out . Dual stabilizer , again .

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