This 1963 Dodge Crew Cab Ramp Truck Is The Perfect Winter Project

This 1963 Dodge Crew Cab Ramp Truck Is The Perfect Winter Project

It’s perfect because it won’t take more than the winter to have it ready to rock and roll and pull your hot rod or race car everywhere, because it already runs and drives fine. If it were ours, we’d ultimately do a Cummins swap on it if we were hauling with it a lot, but otherwise the 440 will handle it just fine for now. It’s registered as a 1963 3/4 ton Dodge, but the chassis is actually a 1977 Dodge M500 chassis which is a motorhome chassis. We approve this because the brakes, wheels, tires, and the like are all heavy duty. The reason we like this sucker as a winter project is because you can do the fun stuff like stereo, cleanup, detailing, and customization without working on the entire thing to make it functional.

We approve.

Don’t you?


Here is the info from the seller:

1963 dodge crew cab built on a 1977 dodge motor m500 chassis with a 440 & 727 trans with hydro boost disc brakes. chassis was professionally Lengthened to 221 inch wheelbase with bed, ramps, boxes, chains, binders & 12k winch. very solid & clean it hauls & runs great.
currently register & insured as a 63 dodge 3/4 ton truck. comes with extra tires & misc parts might take 18ft + trailer as trade.

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4 thoughts on “This 1963 Dodge Crew Cab Ramp Truck Is The Perfect Winter Project

  1. Tom sayers

    Being registered as a 3/4 ton is all well and good until you get weighed by DOT. Or get into a wreck.

    1. Mopar or No Car

      And once you get honest with the registration you have to put all the smog sh!t back on the intake and carb. Good luck finding an EGR valve, and you’ll have to do some creative vacuum line routing because the OEM booster is made of unobtainium and they are not reproduced.

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