This 2 Wheel Drive Rokon Is Diesel Minibike Greatness!

This 2 Wheel Drive Rokon Is Diesel Minibike Greatness!

A 2-wheel drive mini bike? And diesel powered? What the hell!? If you are a diehard Diesel performance fan, then you probably need THIS as your cool mini bike. I mean why would you want a regular scooter like the rest of the racing and performance world when you could have something as unique as this one. And did we mention it has a sidecar? And it is 2 wheel drive remember. So, this sucker will go wherever you want to go and do it in such a cool way as to make everyone else jealous and want to be you. Here is all the info from the guy selling it. We want to see one in person, and then drive it.

Here is the info from the seller:

So I have had it a few years and time for it to move on. I need floor space for the new project. This is a factory built Diesel Rokon with its sidecar. Tires are nice. Runs great. Both wheels pull. The engine is a 1B20 Hatz. The worst part of it the left foot peg doesn’t have any rubber on it.  The engine will rope start in warm weather, or when the engine has been run. Electric start always works. It runs a comfy 13 mph and will get about 17-18 screaming. I filled the tank when I got it. It has hardly used any fuel in all this time. I don’t know of another one.  I can help with shipping but would prefer to have it picked up. If needed, I may be able to palletize and load with forklift. Please call me with any questions. Clarke 863 698 3945.

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6 thoughts on “This 2 Wheel Drive Rokon Is Diesel Minibike Greatness!

  1. DanStokes

    VERY cool! If I had more money and a bigger trailer I’d WANT that! Didn’t know Rokon made any w/Diesels and the Hatz is usually a pretty durable engine. I hope someone picks it up and loves it. I don’t know the LSR bike classes but I wonder where this would fit in?


  2. Brendan M

    There is an LSR team in Maine running a home made diesel bike. Most of these Rokon’s had a one cylinder Chrysler early on. Neat bikes, you always see a few at the AMCA show at Rhinebeck NY each year.

  3. Lou_100x

    How much does it weigh?? Part of the charm of the Rokon’s is they only weigh 200 pounds, I imagine that diesel is a good deal heavier than the gas motor.

  4. sdaasda

    post your phone number on a public website in the clear with no bot protection
    are you stupid ?

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