More Mud Truck Photos: Mega Trucks Invade The McLennan County Mud Fest

More Mud Truck Photos: Mega Trucks Invade The McLennan County Mud Fest

Here is the second gallery of photos from Charles’ adventures at the McLennan County Mud Fest, so check them out. And if you missed the first gallery, then use the link below to check all the photos out.

(Words and Photos by Charles Wickam) I’ve been around the Bangshift guys for quite a while and have come to learn what Chad and Brian like and dislike pretty well. Yeah they both love drag racing, but I want to go out on a limb and say their #2 favorite involves trucks, Brian he is a huge fan of monster trucks while Chad will profess his love of baja style trophy trucks and prerunners, now me I love what you get when you combine the two, MEGA TRUCKS! Part monster truck, part trophy truck. Now you may say a Mega Truck is nothing but a monster truck with smaller tires, well you are right to a certain extent. Today’s mega trucks are getting lower centers of gravity and insane amounts of wheel travel like you would see in the off-road racing rigs with the ability to soak up bumps, pitch it into corners, and not give a second thought of tipping over. Now I’ve gone down the youtube rabbit hole watching mega truck videos but this is my first time seeing these beasts in person, trucks like Wicked 55, Psychotic, Rednecks with Paychecks, and Screamin Demon just to name a few. These guys are not afraid to wheel their trucks and put on a show and they did that very thing running a timed course to see who was the fastest of the fast.

But not to be outdone by the mega trucks there were a number of 2 and 4 wheel drive rails and trucks in side-by-side action over the 200-foot mud course they cover in just a few seconds. They came from all over Texas and whats crazy is I knew nothing of this event until Friday afternoon when I saw a few trucks traveling north on I-35 passing by where I work. With some quick googling I found out this event was being held just under an hour from where I currently live, a quick text to Chad with the event flyer I found and I got a text back with 3 simple words … I hate you … LOL, you see Chad had to leave town for an event and Brian was up in the suburbs of Canada covering an event as well so I took one for the team and with just my new mega badass cell phone I was able to capture all the images you see, nope no fancy camera gear, just a phone. So check out the pics say you hate me too cause you didn’t go and make plans to attend next year’s McLennan County Mud Fest in the sleepy little town of Riesel Texas.
Until then, check out the photos below.



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