This 1979 Ford Is Personal Monster Truck Perfection

This 1979 Ford Is Personal Monster Truck Perfection

Every red blooded American male has, at one point or another, wanted to own and drive a Monster Truck. It just is. But we all know that driving one around is difficult to say the least, and impossible in most cases. But what if you had a truck that had all the makings and coolness of something like Bigfoot, but with tires that “might” allow some street driving? This is that truck. With a 468 inch big block under the hood, Rockwells underneath, amazingly nice bodywork and interior, and the look that makes everyone else around you jealous, this is the Monster Truck for normal people. By normal, I mean our normal, not I drive a Honda normal. Just saying.

Check out all the info and photos and then visit to get the contact info. This thing is RAD! I could totally see myself driving this thing around Southern California, with all the dudes in their lifted SuperDuty Fords going by wish they were me. Oh yeah, this thing is coolness personified.


1979 Ford F-250 4×4 lifted on 48″ Goodyear terra tires. 2.5 ton Rockwell axles shortened on one side, pinion brakes, hydraulic steering, rear steering, Rockwell 223 transfer case. Rebuilt 468 big block 11.5:1 compression, tunnel ram intake, twin 600 Holley carbs, rebuilt C6 AT. No rust, all seems are smooth, gas cap doors, back of cab, tailgate, and door handles were all welded and smoothed over. Hydraulic tilt front end, hydraulic bed tilts two ways(up and sideways) custom cross members, all holes on frame are welded and smoothed. Interior has carpet custom headliner and custom seat. Truck is used as a show truck and is in great condition. Too much to list.

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