Who Wouldn’t Want To Haul Ass Across The Desert Behind The Wheel Of This?!?!

Who Wouldn’t Want To Haul Ass Across The Desert Behind The Wheel Of This?!?!

We’ve always got the hankering to drive fast across the desert in a race truck, buggy, or car. In fact it is one of the things I truly want to race more than a lot of other things. Sure my list of must drive cars is long, but off-road is just one that speaks to me for some reason. So can’t you image running this bitchen Class 9 buggy across the desert or through the dunes at Glamis? I know it wouldn’t be the most comfortable off-road machine out there, and my fat ass would probably have some “clearance” issues in it, but maybe it would be a good excuse to lose some weight. I dig this thing, and for good reason. It’s got all the good parts, is proven, and should be fun. And the seller has all kinds of spares too!



I am selling my Raceco Class 9 car. I bought the car from Scott Wisdom of Wisdom Racing in 2009. Joel Stankovich and Warren Messick dominated Class 9 in this car in the mid 90’s. The motor is a single port 1600cc with a doghouse cooler, external oil cooler, and megaphone exhaust. The transmission was built by Mike Leighton. It has a fresh R&P and brand-new SAW axles. It has Zero miles on the transmission since the rebuild. The rear suspension was prepped with rebuilt rear shocks, new bushings, and new bearings by Scott Wisdom. I did not race the vehicle since I bought it in 2009. Since I bought the car, I did the following. I changed to a new front beam built by Doug Silcock from Silcock racing with zero miles on it. I added a new CNC hydraulic clutch system, steering linkage, and horns. The car just came back from Johnny Lightning http://www.jonnylightning.net/ and the whole vehicle was rewired in addition to a brand new Compufire ignition with new plugs and wires and the fuel system was gone through. It is wired for top, side, and front lights as well as a GPS. It has idiot lights as well as oil pressure and volt meter gauges. I just put in two new CNC brake master cylinders. It has an intercom and new PCI radio. The custom rear light bar includes the flashing blue LED light required for slow vehicles. I have a bunch of spare parts including belt, throttle cable, spindles, arms, axles, springs, brakes, tach gauge, oil temp gauge, and window nets. This is a great car and runs strong. $10,000

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2 thoughts on “Who Wouldn’t Want To Haul Ass Across The Desert Behind The Wheel Of This?!?!

  1. Patrick

    NOPE! Did the swing axle beam car thing the first time around, give me an A Arm car now and IRS. my back can’t take it anymore, much like the old Class 8 and 4 solid axle Heavy metal trucks with leaf springs. good luck getting up Olds with that 1600, been there done that!

  2. Patrick

    BTW you can buy a 2332 turbo Suspensions Unlimited Two seat A arm car that actually has geometry that works right now for 15k, this thing is way too much$$

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