2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee: The Fifth Generation Of The Iconic SUV Is On The Way

2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee: The Fifth Generation Of The Iconic SUV Is On The Way

(By Tom Lohnes) – Coming out in 2010, with a refresh in 2014, a huge lawsuit over a shifter, another refresh in 2018, and a screaming supercharged Trackhawk model, the 4th gen Jeep Grand Cherokee has seen a lot of things in a lot of years. Thankfully, the long-awaited 5th generation Grand Cherokee is here, and it is finally off of that ancient platform.

Riding on the spritely Alfa Romeo Giorgio platform, the new Grand Cherokee is the largest version of it. Available powertrains have not yet been discussed, but expect a Turbo 4 in place of the aging Pentastar V6 that has come in the last GC since launch. A plug-in hybrid will be available “eventually”, and the first model year may get the carryover 5.7-liter Hemi V8 in place of the all-new Boosted Inline-6 that Chrysler is working on. The styling outside takes a step away from the rugged 4th gen, with long, flowing lines, and more of a wagon look than SUV, at least on the Long-wheelbase, 3-row L model that was pictured. Inside lays swaths of leather, quilting everywhere, and a new screen and digital gauge setup that looks crisp. The shifter has turned into a dial, and overall, things have stepped up from the last-gen.

There is a lot ahead of this best-selling crossover, such as the same exact platform underpinning a Dodge Durango successor, more engines, maybe a 2nd-gen Trackhawk. Hopefully it feels as good as it looks.

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