Edelbrock Offering Rebates On Many Carbs and Intakes – Buy Now and Save A Pile!

Edelbrock Offering Rebates On Many Carbs and Intakes – Buy Now and Save A Pile!

Here’s a load of great news from Edelbrock! Heck, anytime we hear about a company offering rebates, no matter the product we think it is awesome to see companies offering their customers a way to put some money back in their hands. The deal is pretty simple. If you buy an intake you get $25.000 back. If you buy a carb you get $25.00 back. Guess what’s happens when buy both. That’s right, $50 skins to you!

This rebate is being offered on a very, very wide range of products so you should be able to find what you need for whatever you are cruising around these days. From the old school stuff all the way to the LS engines of today, Edelbrock has you covered and they also have $50.00 they are itching to send YOU.


Edelbrock Offers Rebate with Carburetor or Manifold Purchase

Torrance, CA – {July 8, 2016}
Edelbrock is excited to bring the “Genuine Edelbrock” promotion back! Consumers will receive a $25.00 rebate with the proof of purchase on any Edelbrock Carburetor or intake manifold, for a combined rebate of $50.00 when purchased together.The “Genuine Edelbrock” promotion allows participating consumers to receive a $25.00 rebate when they purchase any new Edelbrock intake manifold or carburetor; whether they’re sold individually, included in a Power Package Top End Kit, Carburetor & Manifold kit, Edelbrock crate engine or EFI system. The “Genuine Edelbrock” promotion will start on July 1 and end September 30, 2016. For complete, promotion details and to download a redemption form, visit the official Edelbrock promotions website at www.edelbrock.com/promo.

Edelbrock’s VP of Sales and Marketing, Steve Whipple states, “Both of these product lines are Genuine Edelbrock products that are made right here in the USA. Our intake manifolds are cast and machined at our facilities in Southern California and our carburetors are manufactured at our North Carolina plant. Both are iconic product lines that deliver the quality and performance Edelbrock is known for, and this is our chance for us to give something back to the consumer who have decided to choose the Edelbrock brand.”

Features Include:

  • $25.00 rebate with the valid purchase of any Edelbrock carburetor or intake manifold between July 1 – September 30, 2016
  • Orders with both a carburetor and intake manifold will receive $50.00 in total rebates
  • Eligible products include any new Edelbrock carburetor or intake manifold purchased individually or within an Edelbrock Power Package Top End kit, Carburetor & Manifold kit, Edelbrock crate engine or electronic fuel injection system
  • Consumers have until October 31, 2016 to submit redemption form and proof of purchase

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