$1,000 Build: Wait What? Yep, Building An Entire Custom F-100 With A $1,000 Budget. Crazy, Or Cool?

$1,000 Build: Wait What? Yep, Building An Entire Custom F-100 With A $1,000 Budget. Crazy, Or Cool?

Both probably. I mean it’s pretty easy to build a car or truck on an unlimited budget. Sure it still takes tons of work, but if you have unbelievable amounts of money to throw at a project then it’s just a matter of spending enough to get it done when and how you want it. Doing it on an extremely tight budget on the other hand can be pretty frustrating. Or it can be totally liberating since you know you have zero extra dollars to spend and that means you can’t go looking through parts catalogs. Hmmm. Maybe it is the ultimate freedom.

Building low buck cars and trucks has kind of been one of my things, so when I saw this project I was intrigued. Of course the chassis swap is also one of my things, so this one makes sense in that regard as well. But a $1,000 budget? Seriously? Can a truly cool hot rod be built for just $1,000? I think it’s possible if you have the right parts, the right donors, and the right vision. Oh and a welder and some skill, LOL. There have been plenty of Crown Vic front ends, chassis, and more used underneath Ford F100 pickups but this one is unique in that every single component is going to be key to keeping the budget under control.

Watch the selection of parts, the thought process, and the actual work come together to get this one on the ground looking good and ready to drive. Of course that won’t happen overnight, but there are a bunch of videos in the series so we’ll share the first few with you right here to get you hooked and ready for the rest. It will be fun to watch for sure.

But do you think they can pull it off? Will it end up cool and fun?


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