DIY HiLift Jack Mods You Can Do At Home. This Is a Great Saturday Fab Project

DIY HiLift Jack Mods You Can Do At Home. This Is a Great Saturday Fab Project

If you’ve never used a H-iLift jack, it is very similar in operation to the bumper jacks that came in 1960s cars. That means that it is also sometimes just as clumsy. Of course the H-iLift is WAY heavier duty, and is a staple in the off-road world because of its durability and adaptability. Use it right and it can lift, push, pull, and more. With that said, getting the most out of your Hi-Lift requires more than what comes with it. And that’s not a bad thing, because the accessories available to buy, or build, will take this versatile tool and make it a specialized tool capable of handling the tasks you need for your application.

Think of a Hi-Lift like you would a ratchet or an impact. On their own, or with just one or two sockets, they aren’t nearly as useful as when you add a bunch of other accessories to them. Or a port-a-power, which is cool but not of much use without all the stuff you can add to the hydraulic ram. Same goes for a Hi-Lift.

But, if you use some of these cool accessory projects, or look up the jillions of other ones available online, you can see that there are a lot of unique ways to use a Hi-Lift jack. They really are one of the most universal, and bulletproof, tools you can carry in your off-road rig. One of these and a recovery bag and you can do a lot more than you’d think.

If you want your own Hi-Lift jack, visit their website here. 

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