Edd China’s Workshop Diaries #19: Should Transmission Fluid Look Like Chocolate Sauce? Hmmmm

Edd China’s Workshop Diaries #19: Should Transmission Fluid Look Like Chocolate Sauce? Hmmmm

Here it is, the first time the Range Rover project will move under its own power. But for how long? Is this normal? Ugh there is some ugly going on here. It also gets its first cleaning and I can tell you that it was long overdue. But what will be left of this pile once the pressure washer is done with it. I have a feeling it will be quite a bit lighter!

What started out as a simple job of getting his buddy’s Range Rover back running, has turned into a lot more of a project for Edd. This beast had been sitting for some time, but I don’t think Edd had any real plans to replace or restore the entire fuel system on this one, all while trying to work on other projects as well. But that’s exactly what he had to do. Every fuel line was replaced due to rust holes in the lines themselves, plus serious effort going into cleaning up the gas tank so it could be reused. Cleaning the fuel tank would end up being more difficult than you might think, but that just gave Edd a reason to get creative. If you missed it, then know that you can click the link below if you want to see how he used a cement mixer to do some real cleaning.

Creativity has never been one of Edd’s weaknesses so watching him go through this Range Rover has been kind of fun. He’s replaced so much, so we are crossing our fingers that this sucker starts after all this work.


The day has finally come, our 1986 Range Rover is finally going to get clean. But will it make a difference, will we be able to tell at all with all that rust and peeling paint? Will the car still be carbon neutral if we wash off all the vegetation? Will it fall apart if we remove all the cobwebs? Will it simply dissolve when the water hits it? Well, we’re about to find out. Surely, now it runs and it’s clean, it will be ready for its MoT test. Or will we find something else that needs to be fixed first?… Edd China’s Workshop Diaries 19: Wash day for the Range Rover (Flushing out the Range Rover gearbox, should the transmission fluid really look like chocolate sauce?)

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