Garage Burnouts!!!! Newbern Gets His Topkick Back On The Road!

Garage Burnouts!!!! Newbern Gets His Topkick Back On The Road!

Newbern has a big giant GMC Top Kick. I say big and giant because all Top Kicks are pretty big. They were originally built to be used for all kinds of medium-duty commercial uses including box trucks, wreckers, delivery trucks, flatbeds, etc, etc. They weren’t big rigs, they were considered a “medium-duty” trucks, and came with a variety of engines. There were diesel engines and gas engines, with some coming with the 366 cubic inch tall deck big block. It was a weird little engine that didn’t make a bunch of power but did what it needed for around town delivery driving and moving trucks.

Newbern has had his for years, but it has been sitting for the past few years because of a bad fuel pump and some other issues. In this episode it is getting fixe and hitting the road. But why did they remove the bed? Hmmmm I mean they didn’t come with a bed from the factory, but it wasn’t an unusual mod for some folks to make either. So, lets see how the story unfolds.

Video Description:

In this video Brandon Wise and myself drag my 1992 GMC Top Kick out of hibernation after 3 years. We swap the fuel pump, take the bed off and hit the road for Mississippi where my friend Wesley lives. Its a bumpy ride but we’re not complaining.

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