Goodbye Rust, Hello New Paint! The Unimog Expedition Rig Project Continues.

Goodbye Rust, Hello New Paint! The Unimog Expedition Rig Project Continues.

In the latest video you’ll watch the Mog get the final bit of rust removal before they pull out the paint gun and start throwing on some primer to keep stuff clean and fresh for decades. This Unimog is amazingly clean and well taken care of, so it isn’t going to rust away anytime soon. Once the groundwork is set for the new camper body, this project will start getting really really fun. Soon we’ll get a look at what this thing really will look like, and we can’t wait.

When we first started following this project, I told you that a Unimog has always been on my list of off-road wants. They are super cool, have amazingly well thought out technology, and yet are as simple as a tractor because in a lot of the world that is exactly what they are used as. No, seriously. There are a lot of things about a Unimog that most people don’t realize they can do, or that they are used for. They plow fields, plow snow, move dirt, haul soldiers, dump trash, sweep roads, trim trees, and so much more. But what we love about them is how tough they are, how much ground clearance they have, how big a tire they will fit without a lift, and the fact that they are ugly enough to be cool. Yep, we dig them. And so do our friends at The Outfit.

Check out all three of the latest videos below and stay tuned as we’ll bring you updates as they come in moving forward.



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