Got A Duramax? Plug In For 150 More Horsepower And 300 Pound Feet Of Torque!

Got A Duramax? Plug In For 150 More Horsepower And 300 Pound Feet Of Torque!

Diesel performance is absolutely nuts nowadays, as the manufacturers keep making more and more power with their diesel-powered pickup trucks, but there is still plenty more to be had with simple plug-and-play tuners or programmers that don’t change any physical components on your truck. The Edge CTS3 lineup has a few different options, including Staged kits that give specific power and torque improvements based on what you are looking for in your truck.

If mild improvements in mileage, power, or torque are what you are looking for the systems can optimize tuning to make your ride more enjoyable to drive, and to enhance other modifications you may have made like tires and wheels and gearing. All the systems offer custom look gauges and engine monitoring that you don’t get from the factory dash, and if you want to go to the next level then the Staged kits are where it’s at. Of course, you can always add the components of one of these stages later on down the road if you decide you need more in your pickup. At the highest level these stages will include not only the appropriate CTS3, but also Cold Air and Exhaust Systems that improve airflow so you can take advantage of the CTS3’s built-in capabilities.

Check out the video below.

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