Hemi Swapped C10 Build Part 4 – This Sucker Is Almost Ready To Run!

Hemi Swapped C10 Build Part 4 – This Sucker Is Almost Ready To Run!

Here is Part 4 of the Gen III HEMI C10 build that Derek has dubbed the HemiHalf. In the first video, they tore the truck apart, and in the second one a fuel system, some engine bay prep, and more happened. In this latest episode the engine and transmission are in, other systems are as well, and it is ALMOST ready to start.

The thought process here is that every conceivable vehicle on earth has already been LS swapped, so we need to start switching it up, and what better way to do that than to stuff a Gen III HEMI into a square body Chevrolet pickup that would have come with a small block Chevrolet most likely. After all, square body GM trucks are prime candidates for LS swaps and it seems like it is getting harder and harder to find them with a small or big block still in them at any car shows and events.

I happen to love LS engines, but I own both small block and big block powered rides as well. I’m what you call an equal opportunity GM power fanatic. But putting a HEMI into a squarebody? Hmmmmm. Is Derek going too far?

You know he’s doing this as much because it’s simple as he is because it will piss people off.

Watch Part 3 of this project right here.


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