Iron Trap Model A Shop Truck: It’s Back Together And Better Than Ever!

Iron Trap Model A Shop Truck: It’s Back Together And Better Than Ever!

The Model A Shop Truck is going together nicely now that all the chassis has been painted! Yes there is some fabrication happening in this episode to get it buttoned up, but then it will be almost ready to drive! I can’t wait to see this thing done and hauling parts around town!

The more I watch Iron Trap videos the more I want to build a 1920-1940 hot rod. They seem so simple and bare-bones if you want them to be and that means that you can put one together pretty quickly if you have the right parts and pieces laying around. Since the Iron Trap gang does, this cool shop truck project should be pretty simple and straightforward for them to get up and running. It’s especially nice since it is going to be a shop truck and not something that has to be super clean and finished when done.

That doesn’t mean it won’t be cool though! Check out video one of this project. There is more to come and you’ll dig it.


Video Description:

Now that the Roadster Pickup chassis is painted, Matt and Steve can work on brake lines, and the rear radius arms. Since the torque tube was shorted for a Model A chassis, the radius arms are now too long. They require some pie cuts to change the angle and about 18″ removed. After they are completed Matt and Steve work on installing the body and bed with a new reproduction wood kit. Once the body is all installed, the fresh brake system can be bleed. We are hoping to take this killer shop truck to the Wheels Of TIme car show on August 26th-28th for everyone to see as an in progress project. Hope to see you there!!

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