Insane Video: Watch A Container Ship Wipe Out A Gantry Crane And More At A South Korean Port

Insane Video: Watch A Container Ship Wipe Out A Gantry Crane And More At A South Korean Port

The good news is that your bad day ain’t got nothing on this one. In some of the most stunning video we have seen in a while, you are about to see a massive container ship take out a large by huge gantry crane at the South Korean port of Busan. The ship had apparently recently come out of dry dock after it had been involved in a collision with another vessel some time ago.

There’s no cause given for that happened here but it seems like the rudder and the throttle were jammed and the results were a complete catastrophe. The most amazing twist here is that no one got killed. Apparently the crane operator hurt his ankle crawling out  of the wreck of his machine but other than that? Not a scratch on anyone. Now, the wallet of the Japanese shipping company that owns the ship? The insurance company? Big trouble. While the one crane was obviously killed, other were knocked off the tracks that they roll on and that basically knocks them out of commission for as long as it takes to get them right. This is a colossal nightmare.

Watching ships dock is about as interesting as watching grass grow because it looks all calm and serene. Only when something like this happens and you have the full scope of the forces involved does it become even mildly interesting. Also, it sets low ET of going from mildly interesting to horrifyingly entertaining.

Where do you even start? Cutting up the one crane for scrap? Calling the boss and handing in your keys? We can’t wait to hear what caused this ship to do this. The black smoke out of the stack seems to indicate that the thing was really working at full bore when it all went wrong. Wild.

Press play to see this insane video of a ship wiping out cranes at a port in South Korea!

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10 thoughts on “Insane Video: Watch A Container Ship Wipe Out A Gantry Crane And More At A South Korean Port

    1. Stickman

      15 secs in you can clearly see the lines attached and little guy just getting dragged along for the ride.

  1. ratty

    Panamanian ship, not Korean. Owned by a Japanese company, flying a Panamanian flag (not sure how that works), in a dock in South Korea. Pilot of ship came in too hot and panicked trying to avoid but managed to miss all but one of three other moored ships that we can’t see in the video. The ship was only going 7 knots but when you’re almost the length of a drag strip (at 1200′ long), that’s a lot of mass to stop, even at a slow 8mph. Something tells me the Captain is now having a hard time trying to find work on a 36′ lobster boat.

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