Craigslist Find: A Huge, Rusty, And Awesome 1955 International 140 – Factory 4×4 Dually

Craigslist Find: A Huge, Rusty, And Awesome 1955 International 140 – Factory 4×4 Dually

If there is one thing I love more than crusty old trucks, it is crusty old 4×4 trucks because they are as rare as hen’s teeth. I don’t mean an old cab and bed mounted on a new 4×4 trucks chassis, I mean legit factory 4x4s from 50+ years ago. In 1955 there were few options when you wanted a 4×4 vehicle. Of course you could wander down to the dealer and score a Jeep but those weren’t really ideal for people that needed a bunch of cargo hauling ability. You could buy a truck and then have it upfitted by an outfit like NAPCO or Marmon-Herrington, or you could walk into an International dealership and buy a factory built unit like this 1955 International 140 below.

In 1953 International was offering 4×4 trucks as an option and they built them right on the production line next to the 2wd trucks. Those two wheel drive units made up the huge majority of sales. 95% plus we’d guess. 4x4s were reserved for jobs in the fields or in the woods like logging and the forestry service. There is a better than average chance this truck was a forestry service unit when first assembled but we can’t say for sure. We sure can say that this truck is beyond bitchin’ though.

The engine is an International inline six and like all old trucks, it is probably geared to the moon. We don’t know who the axles and transfer case were sourced through but companies like Spicer were popular suppliers back then, for example. The seller had this to say about the truck:

1955 international R-140 4×4 all wheel drive, 220 staight 6 cylinder, runs and drives well. tires have very good tread but have some weather cracks. Trans shift well. duel wheels, all lights work. Emergency brake good. has been changed from 6volt to 12volt also wipers have been up dated from vacume to electric. Body is in great shape for a 60 yr old truck, there are some holes in the back body floor. the cab and fenders are solid only surface rust as you can see in pictures. this is a cool old truck .all registerd and inspected. asking $7299

The look of the truck is awesome, the fact that it runs and drives is fantastic, but the price is way too steep for me. I know these trucks are very, very rare and I know that I’ll probably never see another one like this for as long as I am around and upright but $7,200 seems steep because there’s not too many guys like me that are sick enough to love topping out at 49mph.

Tell us what you think!

Thanks for the tip, Andy!


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CL Find: This 1955 International 140 4×4 truck is a rusted hunk of perfection

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7 thoughts on “Craigslist Find: A Huge, Rusty, And Awesome 1955 International 140 – Factory 4×4 Dually

  1. familyguy81

    I would buy it, clean it up, and swap in a 6bt and nv4500 and rock it until the end of time, I too share your sick love of old trucks. Sadly I also lack $7299.00.

    1. Burnerj303

      Same here. I wouldn’t clean it up though, and I’d have to add a jeepers creepers style front bumper just to further freak out the BMW SUV drivers in the neighborhood.

  2. Lon

    If I had 7200, I’d buy it, leave it as is and drive it. Tops out at 49? I can stick to back roads.

  3. C1BAD66

    Referring to the ninth pic in the CL ad, what do you think the [black] contraption in the bed is?

    It appears to have a short-stroke hydraulic cylinder and a buncha cable.

    ‘Looks like it would plug into receiver bracketry below the front bumper.

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