Craigslist Weird Humor: Someone Has Listed A Mobile Brothel For Sale In The Form Of A Chrysler RV

Craigslist Weird Humor: Someone Has Listed A Mobile Brothel For Sale In The Form Of A Chrysler RV


BangShifter Mike Lang gets all the credit for this gem of a Craigslist find. We’re going to assume that Mike did not type “mobile brothel” into the search line but somehow he found this listing for an old Chrysler RV that is actually being advertised as a “mobile brothel” in one of the most bizarre and weirdly funny Craigslist ads we have seen. We ran the Jeep ad yesterday and that was funny for a different reason. This one is just completely off the wall!

Guys like Chad who love these old road slugs know all about the fact that Chrysler was neck deep in the RV business for many years. We’re guessing that this one has some sort of a smog choked 440 engine that makes 180 pinging horsepower and all of its torque by like 2,700 RPM. The exterior looks horrifying enough to have the “mobile brothel” star in a Wes Craven film and given the chance, we’d thoroughly clean the interior with fire. Lots of fire.

We’d be lying if we told you that we knew whether this was a real ad or just someone’s unique idea of a good time but either way it had us smirking, sometimes uncomfortably so. The last line sealed it for us, though.

We’ll provide the link below in case you want to make a horribly bad decision.

Because this ad will surely be gone in an instant, here’s the full text:

197? Chrysler motor home. I bought this former mobile brothel from one of the oldest pimps in Nevada. I believe it’s the one I was conceived and born in. My mother found it for me a few years ago while volunteering for the humane society in Vegas. I bought it right away for $10,000 because it’s kind of sentimental to us since my father was an aeronautical engineer turned Navy Seal firefighter and a CIA spy who worked for Richard Nixon himself. Needless to say didn’t have much time for dating so he would visit my mom on his rare time off from work in this mobile brothel that she worked in while she saved up money for college. Anyways my mom and I hoped to restore it to it’s former glory days and get her and it back on the road. But after applying for permits, we were denied for a massive crab infestation and mold issues. It starts and runs well. Steers straight and is good in gas. I’d like to get around $10k for it as is. Clean title in hand. Thanks.
P.S. Dad if you are reading this please email me as i would love to meet you someday.



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13 thoughts on “Craigslist Weird Humor: Someone Has Listed A Mobile Brothel For Sale In The Form Of A Chrysler RV

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    All I can say is that I hope the “ladies” aren’t part of the deal as they probably look worse than the bodywork by now!

  2. Matt Cramer

    The pictures alone, with absolutely none of the text, would have me wondering if there was enough bleach in the world to clean the interior. Add the claims about its past history, and the answer is a clear no!

  3. Olde Skool

    This old RV is obsolete as the newer Airbnb service has become the preferred way to organize this temporary service.

    LOL as the home owners are in for a nasty surprise when they check their property after a weekend lease.———– EWWWWWWW!

    Who wants to pay for gas, tags, and insurance???

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