Gasser Truck! This 1965 Mercury M100 Is Really Flipping Cool And It Could Be Yours

Gasser Truck! This 1965 Mercury M100 Is Really Flipping Cool And It Could Be Yours

Some ideas are awesome on paper but almost always miss the mark in real life. 1960s era “gasser” trucks are almost always one of them. In most cases there is always something just a little “off” about them but this magnificent truck does not suffer any of those issues. In fact, we’re going out one a limb to say that this is likely the best one of the breed we have ever seen. A recent build that is now up for sale, the truck has the unique distinction of being a Canadian Mercury (although virtually identical to the Fords of the era), its stance is right, the fact that it is a long bed rules, and it just clicks all the right boxes with the beam axle, big coil springs, ladder bars, and blown engine.

Hardcore members of the Ford cult will likely be disappointed that the engine is a supercharged small block Chevrolet but the reality is that the engine situation could be remedied and likely not at a huge loss if you sold the Chevy to suck up most of the cost of your Ford build. We’re not so much bothered by it because of the fact that it is backed by a four speed, there are cool bucket seats, and the wild tilt nose. That nose is one of the more interesting parts of the truck and it is sure to draw a crowd wherever you take it to show off. It also seems like would make wrenching on the thing a lot more pleasurable.

Lastly, the seller really emphasizes that the truck is a driver and although he finished it in the fairly recent past he has driven many miles in it and there are rock chips and other evidence to suggest that he has done so. That is the best part of the whole thing. This is meant to be driven, not just parked in the corner of the shop or collection. We’d daily drive this thing if given the chance!


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eBay Link: 1965 Mercury M100 gasser truck

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5 thoughts on “Gasser Truck! This 1965 Mercury M100 Is Really Flipping Cool And It Could Be Yours

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Another car that screams “PLEASE KILL ME NOW!”

    That’s exactly what I’d do to the moron that built this thing and swapped in the Chevy!

    1. Gump

      I\’m actually beginning to agree with you. Too many SBC and LS engine swaps. Zero originality. \”Let\’s take this really bad ass (insert vehicle) and make it like everything else!\” It\’s like they\’re mailing people free junk chevy engines for use in whatever almost cool project they have.

      The number of chevy engine swaps is too damn high!

  2. Tom P

    Lose a bunch of style points for that Chevy engine. Hanging the rear tires out too. Those trucks have plenty of wheelwell room. The wheelie bars are just silly.

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